Battery max charge at 98%

  • @rainynite Yes Try letting it charge over night to balance out the batteries.

  • Hijacking this thread because I'm having the same problem, battery stuck at 90% even after charging overnight

  • @No I had this when I just received by OW, but at the second charge it went to 100%....

  • My max was 98% last week and now it wont go higher than 96%. I've kept it on charge overnight once per week for the last couple weeks. I've only had it for a month.

  • @loudeezy with the powheel app on android, you can check each cell voltage individualy, it worth to check if one of your cell is sick.

  • @loudeezy Mine went all the way down to 84%, I had to send it in for a long 3 weeks to get it fixed. Hate to say it, but you might have to contact support.

  • @Tartopom I didn't even know this app existed! It took me a while to find, it's listed in the Play store as pOWtools.

    Here's a link.

  • @bmtka It was created by a member of these forums, and it works 100% better than the official app. Unfortunately for iPhone users like me, though, it only works on Android.

  • @thegreck Welp. Guess now you know what it feels like. (:

    I was off the forums when it was announced because it was too depressing to read about all the fun you guys were having while I was sulking around with my broken wrist.

  • @Tartopom It looks like the app tells you the voltage of all the batteries combined and separately does a quick scroll through the AMPS of each battery. For example, the AMPS of all my cells is steady at 3.46 AMPS.

    I did an overnight charge and im still stuck at 96%. I'll let support know.

  • @loudeezy I think it's maybe a mistake in the app, for me i think it's Battery voltage by cell. @kwatts what do you think about?

  • @Tartopom This occurred to me yesterday playing with the app, I think you're right. Amps doesn't make sense in that context being, a unit of current at any given point in time. The cells aren't putting out 3.3 amps each, not when the board is stationary anyway.

    It slightly bothers me how the units for power in/out are denoted as "AMPS (HOURS)" instead of "Amp hours" or "Ah." These are very easy fixes, though.

  • @loudeezy said in Battery max charge at 98%:

    My max was 98% last week and now it wont go higher than 96%. I've kept it on charge overnight once per week for the last couple weeks. I've only had it for a month.

    I might've found the solution to this issue, today mine was stuck at 99%, even after charging overnight, I ran the battery down to 1% then rode around slowly til it died completely, then I charged it and it went up to 100% again.

  • @bmtka @Tartopom I'll rename to "Amp hours" - and going to try to just rename the app to "pOneWheel" or "POneWheel" - I dunno. Something to make it easier to find on the Google Play store, open to ideas on name too.

    I also think both of you are wright about it being battery voltage. There is another reading I'm getting from the OW described as "CurrentAmps" - the one that I'm showing now, "Battery Cells" is described as just "BatteryCells". I couldn't make sense of the "CurrentAmps" and stopped displaying it. @bmtka I'm going to put it back in and show all the possible values it can show - maybe you can make sense of it. Likely will send you a special build showing it if that's cool.

  • @kwatts CurrentAmps is probably the amperage going into or coming out of the battery at that given time. Does it give both positive and negative values?

    I'm very happy to test anything you need. (:

  • @kwatts i noticed you added last error code, do you have error codes in your board? Mine is showing over current..

  • @parrothd Actually I might take that stat out, it's not really useful. Seems there is always an error code of some sort - it's prone to false positives.. I suspect the last error code, over current, was triggered when you were charging it.

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