Flying To The UK With OW

  • I'm interested to hear how you get on with this.
    I've been contemplating buying a OW for the last few months, but the shipping charge / import tax for the UK is just too much.

    I'm heading to Orlando in September, and I see Ron Jon Surf Shops sell OW over the counter. I'd love to pick one up there and put it in a suitcase for travelling home.
    There are also 10% off vouchers for Ron Jon online, so it'd be cheaper still.

    I saw a thread about removing the wheel. This would make it much easier to pack - as it could even be split across 2 cases. We're flying Virgin Premium, so get extra baggage allowance. I'd need to check the dimensions of the OW versus the dimensions of my cases to make sure it'd fit!

  • @p3eps
    Future Motion Always stated that when the Wheel is taken off, the OW needs calibration, so I think this will not be possible...

  • @Polle

    The thread where the guy took the wheel of and changed the tire has no mention of recalibration.
    He said it just worked fine.

    I just wish there was a UK or European distributed that I could purchase from so that I don't have to pay $300 shipping and around £300 import tax!

  • @p3eps There are dealers in Europe. On the website if you click on dealers / distributors then type in UK, there are shops listed in the Netherlands, France and I think Germany. Once you have the name of the dealer google them, they have their own websites. I found a few would ship to the UK. Although I'm still hoping mine will come back from Florida next month !

  • @NikJL
    I have found a shop in Amsterdam and one in Austria that sell online and ship to the UK for free.
    It's €1699, which works out to be about £1340.
    With the price of the dollar at the moment, this is pretty much the same price as it would cost from the US including shipping. That's before I have any import charges... so I'd probably end up about £300 better off ordering from Europe.

    Now, the real question is - should I spend £1340 on a Onewheel without having ever stepped on one?! £1340 is a LOT of money!

  • @p3eps Can u tell what shop sells it online. Would like to get one from europe because of the fees and shipping. I'm from finland.

  • @p3eps The answer to your 'real question' is YES. I ordered mine a month ago after a ton of research (over a year) but no test drives. WORTH EVERY PENNY!! Once you get on it you'll kick yourself for waiting...

  • @p3eps yep, I saw it also, good to know! And indeed it's a lot of extra money...

    I also doubted over a year before buying and i'm soooo glad I did it!

  • @p3eps Thanks a lot! Now I just have to make a decision is it really worth 1.7k coz it is a lot of money..

    Can I get the fender also from the site? Did not find any.

  • @lilje said in Flying To The UK With OW:

    @p3eps Thanks a lot! Now I just have to make a decision is it really worth 1.7k coz it is a lot of money..

    No, it's not. It's only worth $1,699.99. I'll send you a penny.

  • @thegreck haha 😂

  • @lilje

    I can't find any European sites that have the fender. It's something I need too living in Scotland where it's always raining!!

    It's $50 to ship the official one to the UK. I'll have to see how much the custom carbon one is.

  • I sent @Onewheel-Support a message on Facebook yesterday asking them what shipping provider they are using to ship to Europe. Hopefully I can use the same company they are using. Its been 4 months now that I've been without my Onewheel as its sitting at my brothers house in Atlanta, GA. I need to find a way to get this thing to Europe!!!

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