• Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I just updated my Onewheel to version 3034. It works perfectly but I experienced a little change by going uphill. The board has more power and I suppose it comes from this update.

    Do you have a changelog or something similar that keeps trace of all changes done to the software ? It would be great to know what changes on the board with every update ?

  • @wyard01 I also would like this, but some things are just too secret I guess to share. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    Just so long as no one can hack the board, and cause it to turn off the sidewalk like a Chrysler product. Hahaha.....

  • If my board starts blasting hiphop at full volume, I'll know something's gone very wrong. :)

  • @J-Glide Of course, I don't want to know everything but just a list of the tweaks that could change the way to ride

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