Why not add warning sounds to Onewheel? (low power, max speed etc)

  • I know the board tries to hold you back when reaching the top speed, but in addition to myself so many others here on this forum have stepped through that push back and fallen on their a--es. How about just sounding a warning sound when the speed is at max and the rider still keeps putting pressure on the nose, closing the limit of stepping through and disaster?

    The same warning sound could be used for low power. I don't actually know what happens when this thing runs out of juice, but after some nose dives I don't want to find out. At 5% remaining the board could start beeping once every two seconds, at 3% once every second and closing 1% it could be rapid blips making sure that you do know that it's time to stop and continue on foot.

  • I've heard people telling Solowheel (or any variant) has the top speed bleep, and they find it pretty annoying.
    The OW has a low battery pushback warning, so I don't see the need of a audiowarning...

  • to be honest: do you guys never check via app? i'd hate to get a beeping noise... low battery pushback anyhow seems to kick in after 1% battery (at least in my case) life left. whenever it get in the 1-10% battery range i know it's getting dangerous..

  • Something alerting to a %10 percent charge left might be helpful.
    Like chabis states, by the time low batt pushback kicks in, your up $hit creek/no paddle. Maybe a %10 BEEP would be handy.
    As of lately, my OW app seems a bit buggy. My battery life read around 35%, half a mile later I was out of juice. Anyone else experience this?

  • I would think implementing alarms you can turn on or off would not be to difficult to add to the software, then again I'm no programmer..

  • I could see the option to replace pushback with a beep but I wouldn't want a beep along with pushback since my board would be beeping non-stop. Also I feel very comfortable riding to empty as low battery pushback has always worked to slow me down to a stop. I'm constantly monitoring battery on my phone or watch to maximize my rides and almost always make it back around empty which works well for me.

  • The proposed max speed warning was about having max speed AND still putting pressure forwards, nose dive being imminent. Just take a look at the TENS of nose dive posts here and you cannot deny that it's one of the biggest problems of this otherwise awesome product. Sure you learn by falling on your a-- once and you may never do it again. But such an alarm might allow at least some users to learn without doing that first crash, which would already make it worth while.
    And I also keep watching that phone for battery status, but sometime you may just forget about that and it would be just plain and simple good usability to get a warning sound when the battery really is about to run dry. Again, not talking about nagging beeping all the time, rather only warning when bad things are about to happen.
    Then again, I don't know if some competing product has some patents in the warning sound area, which would prevent Onewheel to add such. But if there are no such obstacles, please consider it. Some rider may eventually get killed when 'learning' about nose dives and no cheap explanations can then make up for it.

  • @PatricFIN If ridden improperly without an understanding of how it works or what it's limitations are, you can nosedive on the Onewheel and seriously hurt yourself at ANY speed. Seems like adding a beep will just add fuel to this fire that people think it's the board's fault when they still nosedive.

  • Do the survey that we were sent yesterday from OneWheel and share your comments and concerns. Great way for all the OneWheel owners to be heard.

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