Any news for European customers?

  • Dear all,

    I read on the forum that a hub should be put in place in Europa in March 2016 so we could save money on these huge shipping costs and huge VAT which result in almost doubling the price of the OW.
    What is the status now? We are in April and i'm waiting on this to pull the trigger :)

  • Good question, maybe try to email Future Motion if they have an update about this? Don't think they read this forum nowadays...

  • I can try that :)
    because this is really something that prevent me to buy the's already an expensive toy, but adding 300$ shipping + 450 Euros taxes is just beyond my logic :P

  • Let us know what you find out, @Tartopom - been pondering whether to write them myself.

  • I just sent a message on their facebook page as well as by email, we'll see if I get any answer...

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