Changing modes without the App >>>

    @onewheel please update the owners manual. I wish i woulda known this earlier. My phone won't work the app.
    There has got to be a way to toggle the lights on this thing sans App. I mean it's 2016 and this thing is 1500 bucks. Nerd it up please.
    Long press on the power button works for me. Maybe doubble quick press. Somethin. Thanks

  • @indutaurus said in Changing modes without the App >>>:

    LEO Privacy is great I had to download it because it said a veris I was scared but LEO Privacy help it and you can also lock apps incase you don't want your bother or sister going I'm your game like I have a game called poke mini and I let no one play it.

    You did what with the whothefuck on a wheel?

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