Sweet battery pack design!

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    Found here..


    Not sure how it would work with OW but I can see possibilities!


  • Nice! And just 5lbs! I wonder if there happens to be a regular outlet on it, or if there's some way to jimmy it to work with the Onewheel? Someone needs to get one and Frankenstein it!

  • Interesting, I kinda like this idea.

  • Does the Onewheel work while plugged in?

  • @braswell said in Sweet battery pack design!:

    Does the Onewheel work while plugged in?

    That's a good question, I wondered that too. It did on the Solar Sombrero video!

  • @thegreck said in Sweet battery pack design!:

    @braswell said in Sweet battery pack design!:

    Does the Onewheel work while plugged in?

    That's a good question, I wondered that too. It did on the Solar Sombrero video!

    I was wondering the same thing.

  • When my board was broke after rinsing off a while back, I tried everything to get it to work again.
    The board wouldn't turn on or charge unless plugged in.

    While connected to power, it would power up even though it wouldn't charge.
    Pressing on the sensors did engage the motor and I actually did stand on it several times while it was being powered from the wall.
    However, while I could slightly move back and forth just fine, the power would cut if I moved a lot as if I was using more power than was being drawn from the outlet.

    I'm confident that there is no technical reason why fm couldn't do this with a firmware update.
    The real issue is trying not to look like an idiot having a power cord swinging around going from a backpack to the board.
    This is why I've suggested an external battery that you snap onto the nose of the board.
    But it's probably not practical as there is little space on the deck and a battery would weigh down the nose screwing up the whole mounting/sensor up functionality.

  • @Franky It would actually be interesting to see what happens with additional weight added to one end of the board. The self-balancing mechanism isn't based on weight, just the tilt of the deck. So theoretically, it should make the difference in weight undetectable to you.

    Or else it would just make you fly off in one direction uncontrollably.

  • @thegreck I guess I was thinking how if the sensor side was weighted to the point of being down and non sensor up, you wouldn't want to mount by stepping on the sensors first since the wheel would start spinning before you are ready. Instead of speculating on this, I just proved I was wrong by trying it out. With sensor side down you can step on covering both sensors and the wheel does not activate. So they could weight down the sensor side with more battery and you can mount that way. However, I also think this means tilt is taken into affect or the board would engage upon pressure on both sensors. I already thought so since several times on snow or slippery conditions I'd put the nose down without coming off both sensors. The wheel would speed up while I was motioning down but as soon as the nose hits ground the wheel stops even with both sensors pressed. Also, this is why it's so easy to wipe out doing a tail slide as I did last night. Was coming down a hill towards a stop sign at full speed and hit the breaks hard back.....both sensors still pressed but tilt tells board to stop, wheel locks up, and momentum throws you off...preferably landing on feet as I did.

  • The weight on one end or the other is a non issue. Mount it on the fender, in middle...

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