Whats with the jerks driving by at night?

  • Whats with all the jerks at night who drive by and call out names? I've been called a few things from looser to fa&%ot from people driving by. This is only at night. During the day people take pictures, and yell out how awesome it is. Anyone else experience this? I'm sure shutting the lights off at night would stop it, but then its hard to see in the dark spots.

  • They're all just jealous haters

  • @J-Glide They are bitter Segway guys who wished they had bought a OneWheel ;)

  • Weird, so far I have gotten 100% positive reactions.

  • @Andrew I think there are just mean people at night in Utah. During the day I get 100% positive reactions.

  • I was scared about this initially, but the only reaction I get, day or night, is "Holy $%^* what is that/ I want one/ can I try?"

  • @forzabucks you must make the board look better than me. haha...

  • um, you should move, the people you live near sound fucking awful

  • Tonight I had the first comment that was even a little negative. Some guy walking up a side street goes "oh... you're so cool...", and not in the way that little kids sometimes get excited and say. I just rolled past with my finger up and kept it moving.

  • My only bad experiences have been from one car that honked right as it passed me and one truch the revved it's engine as it went by. Both times startled me but I managed to stay riding.

    Other than that it's been positive. One time a person was driving parallel to me at night and just yelled nice ride.

    This weekend I was riding at night and a group of kids were playing in a yard as I drove by.
    They all started yelling at me and asking what I was riding. I didn't say a word as I slowed down, turned around, rode up the driveway, onto the grass where they were and circled them before riding away on silence.

    It was just fun listening to them talking it out amongst themselves.
    "It's a hoverboard" "no there is a wheel" "that is so cool" "can I be you"

  • This is typical anywhere. I rode my Onewheel around down at Ocean City Maryland in the day time and got flicked off for no reason not just once but multiple times by different people. Best just to ignore it because it's just kids that need to grow up and haven't entered reality yet. Although I will say the area down there is filled with young teenagers who don't have a lot of respect an come there for vacation so that makes the fact that they can do whatever they want more likely.

  • Guy with tiny dog (large rat?) stopped me and asked to take photographs tonight, wanted to know what it was called.


    Picture to illustrate rough size of animal in question.

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