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  • So what is OneWheel HQ working on nowadays? Last time I checked in I read about a possibility of a backpack? Btw, the t-shirts are bomb, thanks Jack!

    Any update on potentially further enchancing the app via Apple watch? I don't have an android but I'm sure android users like to know when to expect their own app?

    I would post pictures but I feel like there should be a separate thread for that!

  • I hope they come up with some sort of strap with wheels on the end so it can be easily towed back if it runs out of battery...

  • I was hoping for some kind of carrying strap (or backpack), for those quick store-trips. Maybe they would be too much in awe to tell me to stop riding the thing in the store, but still.
    The cover – which really should've been there from the start – would also be nice. Especially when using a carrying strap, unless you want dirty clothes.
    The Android app is also long overdue, but it seems like it will have to wait. I don't even have the new firmware because of this sadly.

  • I'm keen to see the backpack design as well. I hope this would be revealed together with the wheel cover. Anyone has any bags that they're using and would recommend for transporting Onewheel? Anyone taken the board on flights before? Any problems checking in? I was told by FM that the board fits in the overhead bins, but wouldn't the weight and size be over the allowance limit (economy/coach)?

  • Yeah, I think they have bigger fish to fry right now just trying to get lead time down to eight weeks. I'm sure they can do multiple things at once but building inventory and the android app have to be highest on the list.

  • @megabueno Wait, t-shirt? What? Hey, where's my t-shirt, Jack?! :-)

    Onewheel should actually have a whole "merchandise" page with hats, tshirts, stickers, chargers, etc. I think one of the electric skateboard companies has that.

  • Did anyone see the tweet that said start following FM on snapchat today? They said we might get sneak peaks of a new accessory. As a security person I despise snapchat so I can't sign up in good concious, but if someone else has it, they should post that sneak peak.

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