Onewheel won't start anymore

  • We have two OneWheels - OW1 was running fine for half a year, then it broke. We got a new OW in return which broke just 2 or 3 weeks afterwards. OW2 was running fine for ~1 month, then it broke as well. The replacement should be on its way to us (Germany).

    All broke with the same issue:

    At some point the OW just won't start anymore when standing on it. The LED indicates "normal operation" - charge is at 100%, restarting it multiple times didn't work. Charging it over night didn't help either. One of our riders said the app stated "Overcurrent detected". I just tested it with the latest OW app, but the message does not appear anymore.

    We noticed that the engine seems to "stutter" when you try to stand on it and lean forward, it feels like it tries to break before the nose hits the ground. The OW does not turn off, the LED keeps pulsing.

    Here's a screenshot of the OW Settings:


    We don't want to send this OW back to California since we need to pay taxes and shipping (260 EUR taxes, shipping is expensive as well) every time we send it to CA.

    Did anyone experience an issue like that before and found out how to solve it?

    It happened to 3 different OneWheels (and I guess it will happen with the new replacement OW as well) - would be cool to get a detailed description of what's wrong and how to fix / prevent it.

  • I have same Problem.....after update 3034 firmware....

  • I wonder if there is any issue with non-US voltages? Clearly the specs say 'no probs', but to have this occur recurringly suggests it may be more than a manufacturing fluke?

  • Mine did the same thing, 80% battery level and the app says its overcharged. I had no way to turn it off or on, it just kept flashing. Im running firmware 3000 as I refused to update until the bugs are ironed out and I only have android devices. Mine bucked me off it at speed when it happened and I can now hear something rattling around in the charger port half, rumor has it a capacitor on the main board come loose. I had to send it back in for repair and am waiting to hear back from FM about the status.

  • I have the same problem, also after updating to firmware 3034. I've only had it 1 week, so this is a bummer. My light is blinking 16 times - a code not listed in the manual.

  • shit i had the 16 blink thing too, uh, it happened after i shut off my board but didn't wait the few seconds before the wheel reverts to neutral and i tried to slide it along the floor into the little nook i keep it in. then i charged it to full and it hasn't recurred

  • Regarding code 16, from

    @Username / Website said:

    What's error 16?
    We know, it's not even on the sheet. Error 16 means your battery isn't talking to your controller properly. If you're getting an error 16 shoot us an email at and we'll get you taken care of.

  • We just received the replacement for OW #2. It looks like they replaced the engine and the tire. But they still didn't tell us what was wrong with it and how to prevent the issue. Would be cool to get some information from @onewheel-support ...

  • I am having the three blink issue now, any advice on my second and newer board? Should I just let it sit for a night?


  • @megabuen0 I would try turning it on for a while (maybe an hour) and then try cycling the power on the board. I've had this warning come up before, but it cleared after cycling the power.

  • Hold down the power button to restart and double press iphone home button and flick app up to close it down. Then restart the app and see if message goes away. Onetime I got a message and even though the board was fine, the message didn't go away until I restarted the app.

  • Thanks for the advice, when plugged in the light stays lit. When unplugged, there is a continuos three blink and pause. This repeats indefinitely. Shutting down the app and reopen brings back the same message.

    Has anyone unscrewed the footpad to disconnect the battery before?

  • @megabuen0 Can you post a screenshot of your setting page?

  • Here you go Julian:


    Left it unplugged the entire night and I still get the three blinks.

  • :disappointed_relieved:

    Yup, it's def dead... Just blinks away. Help my OW please

  • Hey @megabuen0, Can you send an email to so we can coordinate how to take care of you? No worries, we will get you riding in no time.

  • Battery is now dead and when I try to charge it; the charger stays green but the apps says I need to plug it in. When charging, and I place my hands on the pads, it recognize the pressure and activates the OW but it doesn't sustain.

    I email earlier hopefully I will hear back from the tech soon!

  • Do not fear, customer service is wonderful. They will get you rolling again ASAP. Consider paying a little more for expedited shipping, you will be very happy with the quick turn around. My board traveled from the east coast to FM and back to me and just under 48 hours.

  • im not concerned, wished I could fix it here myself. Drain the battery completely and can't believe it went from overcharging to not charging...

  • @Future-Motion any update with this issue? I sent an email yesterday, but I haven't heard anything. I tried charging it all night and unfortunately, the battery right now is not accepting a charge. I think I have my old box still which means I should be able to ship it back if necessary.

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