Onewheel won't start anymore

  • Here you go Julian:


    Left it unplugged the entire night and I still get the three blinks.

  • :disappointed_relieved:

    Yup, it's def dead... Just blinks away. Help my OW please

  • Hey @megabuen0, Can you send an email to so we can coordinate how to take care of you? No worries, we will get you riding in no time.

  • Battery is now dead and when I try to charge it; the charger stays green but the apps says I need to plug it in. When charging, and I place my hands on the pads, it recognize the pressure and activates the OW but it doesn't sustain.

    I email earlier hopefully I will hear back from the tech soon!

  • Do not fear, customer service is wonderful. They will get you rolling again ASAP. Consider paying a little more for expedited shipping, you will be very happy with the quick turn around. My board traveled from the east coast to FM and back to me and just under 48 hours.

  • im not concerned, wished I could fix it here myself. Drain the battery completely and can't believe it went from overcharging to not charging...

  • @Future-Motion any update with this issue? I sent an email yesterday, but I haven't heard anything. I tried charging it all night and unfortunately, the battery right now is not accepting a charge. I think I have my old box still which means I should be able to ship it back if necessary.

  • I have the exact same problem megabuen0
    Im overnighting it to the factory ASAP

  • For the 16 blinking problem I had, I ended up sending the board back to FM for repair. They said they adjusted some loose parts, and dropped in a new battery. The firmware upgrade that I thought may have caused the problem was reportedly just coincidental.

    Cool part is that FM paid for everything - even international shipping. I don't think that's their normal policy, but I was very polite and patient - which is the best way to get good customer service IMHO.

    They were sometimes fast / sometimes slow with responding to emails. I just politely kept asking for updates - and they took great care of me.

  • hmmm I seem to have hit the 16 blinks issue as well just now...

    went on a ride, all fine, came back home with battery at 2%, so put it on the charger, had lunch, and after lunch was planning to go riding again but saw the board blinking... checked the app: still at 2% charged, doesn't show it is plugged in. When I take the charger out and turn the board on it works fine - ie no blinking and the board will start and balance and ride... but when I put it on the charger it gives a couple of normal slow blinks as it normally does when you turn the charger on, and then it switches over to the 16 blinks...

    will leave it on the charger for a bit but looks like I'll need to contact support... :-/

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