Elevated of Extreme for grass riding?

  • Has anyone had a better experience grass riding with Elevated Shaping or is Extreme Shaping better? I had my nose dig in once.

  • My nose dug in for elevated as well.

  • @Franky pretty sure he has some thoughts on this one

  • @erichs I still prefer extreme on all pavement and smooth groomed grass where you can get more speed.

    Elevated is good for rough terrain but it takes practice as it almost feels like you riding pushback. For this reason I personally think classic is the sweet spot for rough terrain where you want to ride vs do stunts. Classic rides with nose up more than extreme but still feels very natural. It's also very robust about getting the nose up when it starts to dip and keeping it up going over bumps.

    The hard part is that both firmware changes and experience gained are constantly moving my opinions on this subject.

    Right now I'm able to easily ride over rough terrain and at an incline that I wasn't able to do for the first month. Everytime I've stated my inability to do something as a limitation of the board it has been proven to me that the limitation was me. We all just need to keep having a blast practicing and figuring out what works best for each of us.

  • @Franky said:


    and this is why I @'ed you @Franky for you to say that. Well said sir.

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