• Having the trip odometer reset at each power cycle isn't that useful to me... a trip typically involves multiple stops where I power down. Manual reset like in a car would be more useful.

    Also, I see people quote how many miles they've ridden total but I don't see that data in the app, is there a lifetime odometer reading somewhere?

  • I second this idea! Always wanted to know how long I spent on my OneWheel. A per trip history log would be good as well.

  • I have been estimating my mileage based upon daily usage. The bulk of mine is commuting to/from my daughter's school daily during the school year, so it's easy to estimate my total.

    Agreed a true odometer would be great.

  • I third this idea. I started tracking my rides with the motionx-gps app so I could get an accurate idea of when I did things like that, but still no overall stats of the different recorded tracks. Runkeeper totals your miles and stuff like that, maybe I'll try that.

  • Persistent odometer would be great. Even if the distance is measured in wheel rotations rather than kms.

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