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  • @mAz Your typical, run of the mill single LED is going to consume 30-60mW (wiki). The ones on the OW look like they might be higher-power, but I can't really tell just yet. I'll be able to examine them closer tomorrow ( :joy: :joy: :joy:). Even if they pull 100 or 200mW each, multiply by 10 LEDs and that's still only one or two Watts of extra battery drain competing with a 500W motor. Of course the motor isn't always drawing 500W or your ride would be over in like 10 minutes. If you're using just 10% of the motor's capacity at 50W, the relative drain caused by the lighting is going to be 2-4% of your battery drain, maximum.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you notice you're objectively losing a whole mile to your lights being on, you might want to put in a support ticket, cuz that just doesn't add up.

    The reason I would turn my lights off is because there's this golf course near my boyfriend's house...

  • @bmtka I get your point. I think you're right. It's probably more the fact that there were never lights on a skateboard, it may be because of that that I don't like to have them on at daylight. Old habit, I think I'm a little to old school he he. But damn I like my OW every day more and more, that thing is just crazy! Can't wait to get the fender, the weather here is realy shitty. My pants and shooes will be thankfull lol.

  • @mAz Do you live in Luxembourg? I visited the City about 15 years ago for a day or two. That seems like a really, really fun place to own a OneWheel.


  • @bmtka Yes I'm from Luxemburg. Cool you were here, where are you from? Next time you come by, let's go ride baby! Congratulations, you'll be part of the revolution hehe. OW rocks like hell. You'll see your face when you open the box.

    Happy riding!

    @Future-Motion One more OneWheeler!

  • Soooooo..end of February app release?

  • @mAz I'm in Montana. Would love to visit Europe again soon. I want to go the the Belgian Grand Prix sometime. How fun would it be to ride the track at Spa-Francorchamps? Would definitely hit you up if I'm ever in the area. Hopefully they'll be letting OneWheels on airplanes again by then.

  • @bmtka @mAz I'm not too far from Francorchamps (area Hasselt in BE) so let me know if you ever meet up there :)

  • @bmtka @KeithVlk Yo yo yo! That would be the greatest. Keep me in touch I'll make sure to be there!

    Riders United!

  • You rock guys! Works perfect in
    S6 edge
    thanks![0_1457344804851_image.jpeg](composer.uploading, 100%)

  • @benjaminedupont said in Android App:

    @indutaurus Hi, I also use this app to hide images and videos and also to lock apps. I'm not afraid of others to use my phone now~

    Oh fuck off will ya!

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