First blood.

  • Drew my first blood today via road rash after I accidentally pressed update firmware rather than update later button while riding. I've opened the app while riding numerous times before and always pressed update later so this has never happened. What I did not realize when I was doing this was if you accidentally hit to update, the board immediately stops no matter how fast it is going which was and is dangerous.

    I had read the comment from someone who tried updating and this same thing happened but even then I assumed the board would stop after it had finished downloading and not that the update firmware button is an immediate kill switch.

    Just wanted to mention this so everyone knows to be very careful when using the app while riding. Even if you press to update later there is still a button to update firmware which I'm sure has the same result.

    The app doesn't let you switch modes while riding and they need to do this same thing with the firmware update besides fixing the reoccurring update notification.

  • I feel your pain. Sorry to hear about your accident.

    Had a similar experience.

    I updated and rode it around to make sure all was okay at lower speeds with some maneuvering. Felt like all was good to go. When I was going about max speed I wanted to check to see if my max was over 13 mph yet. Opened the app and BAM!! Was wearing a helmet and wrist guards, but still messed up my elbow, knee and hip. Pinky finger holding the phone took a slight hit. Couldn't figured out what caused it, but starting to think when I opened the app my finger accidentally tapped the upgrade button (even after I upgraded). Ugh!!! There were a group of 5 people around me which were shocked about the accident, but still like the ideal of the board. Obviously, I told them they must still be working on their QA at this point (while trying to stand up and retrieve my board).

    Board wouldn't start after that and I had to limp back to the office (board in hand). That's when I noticed the app bug (always prompting for an upgrade)

  • @david, same deal about the board not starting. I wasn't wearing helmet or pads but only came away with a scraped elbow and a couple nics on my iPhone 6+...which thankfully is in a case or I'd have a cracked screen for how many bounces the phone took.

    I was getting followed by a golf cart with friends so I just hopped on that. Got back and reinstalled the app, then installed firmware while plugged in. My board is working fine now.

  • Got me too! I was just telling @818 this yesterday. Not a good idea to switch modes while riding... I was lucky... Well somewhat. I was going slow but I was skating at an outdoor mall... So I didn't get physically hurt but my ego was in bad shape ;) Fell right on my ass and set there for a bit like it was on purpose that I landed that way! Lol...

  • I had to be going 11 or 12, looking down at my phone, and not prepared at all for a fall.

  • @Franky go update your app man so that crap stops!

  • That should probably be a warning in the manual:

    Do not use a mobile phone while riding for any purpose, including looking at the app.

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