POPPING SOUND- Heel/Toe or Switching Directions

  • Anyone hear a popping sounds when you switch directions or your moving from heal to toe, vice versa?

    I discovered this isn't normal after testing out they guys boards at yesterday's meet.

    I'm not sure if the short clip got uploaded successfully, someone let me know.

    [IMG_0987.mp4](uploading 100%)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Can't open it

  • Its all that riding in skate bowls and second hand smoke. @818

  • https://instagram.com/p/4dUiTXiITx/

    You can hear it in this older clip on IG, right before and after the slow motion part.

  • Sounds like a defect.

  • My board started doing that a couple of months ago. So far, it hasn't broken down or affected anything, as far as I can tell. Does worry me a bit, though.

  • @adubberley agreed, just worried it's a bearing or something that wearing down.

  • I just heard something weird/similar for the first time last night. Not sure if it's a permanent thing or some trash stuck in there. I'll keep an eye on it tonight to see if it sounds the same.

    Edit: Always my biggest fear I have to send the board back somehow and go without it for a week. Not sure what I'd do then.

  • It was totally worth me upgrading to overnight shipping to only have the board out of my hands for 48 hours. They are awesome about arranging that and getting it right back to you

  • Mine has been doing that for as long as I can remember. But not every turn, more like... rarely if maybe I turn really hard. I don't know, but I've heard/felt it a few times.

  • Is the wheel shifting side to side, there is a tiny bit of play between the bearing and the snapring on the axel (non-wire side) It probably wont affect operation but mine has done it since new and is super annoying, going to throw a second snapring or thin shim in there come time for a tire change.

  • My board has always done that

  • I don't think it's anything to worry about mine does the same thing when taking a quick abrupt sharp turn back and fourth. and sounds like a knocking from the brackets/bearings or whatever it is that hold the tire or motor in place.

  • The wheel probably has to have some play like that otherwise if it where to tight against the brackets the Onewheel would more than likely rub somewhere and cause more problems.

  • Julian mentioned that something like this could happen if the bolts on the side of the rails going to the wheel aren't really tight.

  • Old thread but my board just started making this same noise yesterday. Any of you guys that had this months ago ever come across any other problems? any solutions? It works fine but its annoying!

  • I haven't seen this thread before now, but my board does this as well. Feels like there might be just a little play in the side to side wheel movement along the axis. I've checked all my bolts and they seem snug so I'm not too worried yet. It doesn't effect my rides at all. It does detract from a seamlessly smooth riding "experience" though.

  • One of my boards makes this sound and I talked to OW about it. I will send them another note about it and get back to the thread to let you know how it turns out.

  • @Code-ster @MichaelW So this is supposedly only related to the tightness of these bolts? I dont think Ive seen anyone even mention touching those. The sound does seem to be originating from that area. This happened to me after replacing the foot pads and wonder if over/under tightening of those little screws could possible change the amount of pressure on those bolts and the dynamics of the frame. It really is an unfortunate sound compared with how it was before - at least the board works but what good is carving when it comes with this awful noise.

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