Petition: bring back extreme shaping 1.0

  • Advanced mode. Give us sliders to mess with the settings?

  • --reviving this old thread in the name of liberty.


  • I've gotten used the Extreme 2.0, but I still miss 1.0. It was just so responsive, like the board was an extension of my body. No pushback at any speed. I really wish it was a separate shaping I could select.

    I think the ultimate reason that it was discontinued was legal liability due to the lack of pushback, which made it a lot easier to fall off at high speed. But I actually really resent the pushback I get at 12 mph, since it makes the 12-15 mph range a lot less fun to ride in. I'm an expert rider -- I can feel when the board is at max torque without pushback, which happens all the time going up hills. But FutureMotion doesn't trust me to ride without pushback.

    They also don't seem to read these forums, sadly :(

  • @mrb - mothership? goodluck - we are more like "lost in space" over here lol
    I am really surprised that there is not more action/involvement from FM on these forums and in general.
    All they do is post a video now and again or ask for something. Their app sucks, they should just buy @SeeTheInvisible app(or hire him) and give it away. Has to be cheaper than developing it them selves at this point.
    For a small company they seem a bit lethargic.
    @lardnicus - I really like the idea of a configurable advanced mode.

  • @wr420 said in Petition: bring back extreme shaping 1.0:

    @we are more like "lost in space" over here<

    you are right. i suspect we are all just expendable drones to Mother. i didn't get anywhere in communicating with support so i went to Gilroy.

    there are only a bunch of servers and robotic arms, mills, conveyor belts--all churning away. i saw thousands of Chinese shipping containers also, being smelted down, but felt no heat. none of the photos i took developed.

    the advanced counter-intelligence and other systems in place cannot disguise the poor job done by text and voice recognition agents however. Mother seems intelligent, but cannot yet convincingly simulate human communication.

  • after reading this discussion I feel fortunate to have older OWs that have the older software

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