Bluetooth remote boards hackable...

  • Looks like the bluetooth RC boards can be hacked because Boosted etc... didn't secure the bluetooth connection. Ouch. This is pretty terrifying.

  • I was watching this come out on several sites yesterday and as a security person it's upsetting that they didn't encrypt it. It also annoys me that anyone can also connect to my Onewheel without any kind of passcode or anything as well. I've just had my friends download the app on their phones so they can check battery when riding. Them also being in IT Security were surprised there was no authentication or verification what so ever needed.

  • @veryous Yeah... People were saying that their board would cut off when they accidentally hit the update button in the app. They definitely need to create a more secure connection for the OW as well.

  • The chances of this happening is very very rare.First you have to piss off a hacker or a hacker waits for you to come around ( which is even more rare) and then get him to stop your e board. And if you pissed off someone that have more things to worry about than crashing on your board. This is brought up cause of #Defcon is Vegas ATM. Just showing what is vulnerable. Hell, you can hack someones pacemaker if your motivated enough. I wouldn't worry about this

  • @DVO I think the point is that it is something that can have better security, so why wouldn't you work it in? Just as a selling point for your product, even. I am sure we will see this hole closed by FM in an upcoming update.

  • What @DVO said. On the list of potential problems we powered board riders face, this is one of the least concerning. I would venture to say being attacked by a rabid dog or being hit by a falling tree branch are far more likely.

  • @lynnpreston riding by dogs is by far the biggest thing I look out for. So many of them have jumped out at me barking and almost making me lose balance.

  • One time at dusk I could here a dog take off at me while barking. I was relatively new to riding and pushed forward in extreme for more speed. Did so a little too much and did a nose dive but thankfully stayed on my feet. Dogs owner yelled and dog stopped after which the owner apologized. I don't think onewheel can outpace most dogs so maybe it's not worth trying.

  • Every dog I have ever encountered stares in amazement

  • @DocBlock said:

    Every dog I have ever encountered stares in amazement

    Even dogs are jealous of our Onewheels :satisfied:

  • I was concerned about the apparent lack of security as well (but also not that concerned as all an informed prankster would be able to do would be turn my lights on and off, change shaping?)

    Would still be good to pair the onewheel to my phone and have it ignore other phones. Then, either through "forgetting" the onewheel or holding the button down on the onewheel to reset would also then reset the pairing?

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