• I was wondering if FM had intentions of offering refurbished units as a way to lower cost? As a college student I can not justify spending $1500 on a toy/campus ride. I spent that much on my car (2300)!!!!!

  • @RidingAWheelie I can tell you that I wish I had this thing at college. would have been just as useful as a car especially for all the times I was running late to class.

  • @RidingAWheelie It's more than a toy, it's an alternative form of transportation. People will buy a smart phone for $800, and expect something much more sophisticated for the same price. This is based off the same technology as a $5000 Segway and sells for a third of the price offers a lot more fun along the way, charges faster, and is easier to transport. The demand on these are so high, even if a refurbished one was available it would be within $100 of the brand new ones. I wouldn't cross my fingers for anything under $1400. I've noticed ow has actually increased the price $50 this month. I would suggest saving money, or selling something (maybe your car) to buy one. Good luck my friend.

  • Owning a onewheel is a luxury and it will never be the lowest cost for transportation. Your best option is to save your pennies while waiting for fm to come out with a newer version so you can buy somebody's gen one.

  • @RidingAWheelie So much more than a toy. You will think of nothing else but "when can I ride my Onewheel next?" ("and where?")

  • @Kbern @J-Glide I'm with you guys! When can I ride?! I own a nice car and I still find every excuse to leave it at home and take the OneWheel! lol... nuts... On the other hand I've been the staving student and I know what that is like too. I guess if you really want one maybe you just find a way... Kickstarter perhaps ;) @RidingAWheelie

  • @MichaelW I'm with you. I used to love driving, taking my car out and finding a good curvy road to run or just to get away. That has all been replaced since I got my onewheel. I haven't taken my car out on anything like that since. Now I just look for spots while driving of things to ride or where to carve on. Granted I sprained my knee going off a curb and eating crap yesterday, so maybe it'll actually be a drive this weekend instead. :frowning:

  • @veryous LOL... I only take a brake when i get hurt and that is less and less at this point :)

  • @MichaelW Now come on... that's no excuse to stop riding!

  • @sidebox Come to think of it I don't really stop riding I just think that I should stop riding.

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