Wheel cover in video.

  • Will definitely help from keeping crap from hitting your legs, especially in wet or dirty conditions.

    Plus anything that allows for more stickers on the board is ok with me.

  • Just had a fun ride zipping through the dirt tracks at the park, and didn't feel like slowing through the thick mud patch... Sooo much fun but I had to hose my legs and Onewheel down afterward. :)

    I could use the cover. ;)

  • Id prefer an optional cover.

  • She rides goofy like me😜

  • Me too. When my kids try while I hold their hands I'm not sure which way to teCh them. I normally ask which way they want to go. They are 7 and 4 and have never ridden skateboard before.

  • I am sorry I taught my daughter to ride like me. It makes it hard to chat when we roll together.
    --⚫️-- --⚫️--
    As seemingly functional as the cover will undoubtedly be, the exposed tire is bad ass.

  • I'm wondering if we should be worried about rocks and sticks building up under the cover and causing either tire damage or a jam/crash. I assume lots of testing is being done before they release. I'd rather have dirty ankles than go flying from a clump of gravel. If that's not an issue, I'd definitely love to have the option of putting the cover on and taking it off when I want.

  • @DocBlock said:

    As seemingly functional as the cover will undoubtedly be, the exposed tire is bad ass.

    hmmm... I wonder if it can be cast in translucent plastic. Actually, I know it can be. Once they come out, I might get one and make a mould, then pour off some translucent copies. Lets see what our options are...

  • @DocBlock Exactly. I don't think I'll add a cover even if it comes out as an extra

  • Ummm screw the cover, I'll take the girls number in that shot please. Let's go riding together please!!

  • Very recent snapchat is showing more of the cover/fender..... I'm down for it

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