please make in the shape of a smaller surfboard!

  • Love the technology but would love to have more deck volume for carving, tilt, etc.

  • Do you currently own a OW?

  • @DocBlock I would not think so from the question

  • @DocBlock said:

    Do you currently own a OW?

    @bigfish: to be clear as to why people are assuming you haven't ridden a OW, you would not more deck volume had you experienced a OW before. If there was more volume, you would also need a bigger wheel. You would be in constant danger of hitting the ground with any additional length or width. You can carve extremely tight turns and maneuvers with the existing deck. A bigger deck is not helpful, but I understand why you might comment as you did, not knowing how a OW really feels under your feet. Get on one as soon as you have the chance!

  • Just a little more volume is possible. 2 inches all the way around so feet don't hang off. You could also curve all edges up so that your feet sit almost down inside a "bowl" so to speak, just not that drastic. It's just a thought.

  • You didn't answer if you owned one or not.

  • If anything I want a smaller board. I think a smaller board will allow more angle to lean and less tail sliding out at skate parks.
    A bigger board will decrease the possible angles you can lean which makes going over rough terrain bad. Any quick changes in elevation may cause the nose or tail of the board to scrape. Making a bigger board would just limit the possibilities of the board and make it worse overall.

  • Also having the edges curled in would just wreck your feet. A skateboard is concaved but you're also constantly moving your feet around and using those edges for tricks and stability, it's different on the onewheel.

    I can't tell if you're trolling or just making suggestions on something it sounds like you've never owned or even ridden. It's Monday morning, too early for this shit.

  • @Carlo totally agree shorter sounds better. Mounting might be harder shorter though and I wonder if having your feet closer to the wheel would make it harder to carve.

  • i feel like the board could easily be an inch shorter on each side

    my guess is that it's more about space for the battery/electronics

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