Newbie (Real World!) Beginners Manual.

  • After being the owner 3 OW's since July, I recommend taking a few moments to learn a less abusive way to dismount your board or someone else's.

  • @DocBlock right? That is probably the most offensive dismount I have seen yet! Haha, it made me cringe a little bit!

  • I was planning on creating a dirt park of sorts in my backyard. I plan to have Some of the ramps launch me 3-4 feet in the air with the OW. would landing from that high destroy the board?

  • Probably not going to destroy the OW, you however… Not so sure… 😉

  • @Brutha-Man pretty sure that would destroy things like Doc said, your ACL/MCL, probably your back and ass as well. Good luck in surgery.

  • Day 01: I'm finding myself "wobbling" a lot particularly at low speeds. This is resulting is micro weaving and instability.

    My balance isn't great to begin with, but I'm noticing almost all of my spills are due to leaning too far right or left (to my body's "back" and "front". My training run is on a very slight incline and I don't have perfect level ground nearby. Also the ground is a bit uneven which is making learning tougher.

    When I come to a stop I also tend to wobble and fidget while trying to dismount, still trying to learn to trust sliding my foot off the front pad.

  • @utsu

    Make the dismount easier on yourself, come to a complete stop, then lift your heel up and stand on your toes on the sensor pad. The board will shutdown in 1 sec(ish?). Put slightly more weight on your non sensor pad foot when doing this, like 51%. When he board shuts down you'll tail down and step off the board like a boss...

    You'll look cooler too.. :)

  • Also, try taking a few PSIs of air out the tire, this will help with the wobbling...

  • @utsu Yup, this goes back to point #8 above. Lateral stability is more you than the board. The thing I tell people is it's like a bicycle, the slower you go the harder it is to main stability. Moving even a little built helps greatly. Go find a flat surface, give yourself a good half an hour and you'll get there.

  • End of Day 01 review:

    I'm a complete newbie when it comes to balance. It took about an hour of calmly practicing speed up and slowing down backwards and forwards to really quit the "wiggling" of over-under compensation and being comfortable knowing how to stand still on the board.

    wish this was stressed in the posts/guide- that the wobbling goes away naturally and gradually once you learn the ins and outs of the boards gyro. The best thing to practice was learning to bend knees a bit and how to dismount- really hammer it into your brain how to dismount correctly. Getting used to that "1 second off" for the foot sensor before the motor disengages drove me crazy at first, but I started understanding it. It always feels like forever..

    The other 2 guys riding with me experienced the same thing, so I made them practice getting on and off a ton of times before they took off around the field. They were both wiggling like crazy until about 30 minutes in.

    I could NOT go over uneven grass terrain without regularly bailing. It was so slow and my tire was totally factory inflated, so that was just not happening. We mostly rode on dirt trail and on a baseball diamond and soccer field in a park. A little concrete basketball court. No more parking lot asphalt for now.

    I didn't wear my wrist guards on my first test ride on asphalt and I got slapped with a minor straight on my fall wrist, and my first scrape. wrist is on ice now. It shook me up a little, and I kept thinking "well shit, maybe this isn't for me at all... maybe I should just sell the board.. " Really discouraged.. feeling like everyone here who claimed it's pure fun right out of the box was lying to me.

    It probably would have ended there had I not stuck it out and spent a few hours in the 100 degree heat in the sun today trying a lot of different surfaces and inviting friends out to try and learn with me. I felt like I was getting close to top speed in beginner mode and I noticed when I tried out extreme how much more torque and control I felt like I had. Can't imagine bailing at top speed, like I've seen in videos here and I'd be furious too if it was a factory or software defect that caused it.

  • @utsu how would the board react if you were to flip it over and attempt to land on it. Like in a kickflip?

  • @Brutha-Man If you have a skateboard nearby, add a 25lb weight plate to it and tape it on there real good. now try to do a kickflip :+1:

  • @utsu I accept the challenge. Video to come post my OneWheel arriving

  • @Brutha-Man i would like to see that. Board doesn't work like that brotha, I don't even think you can get a flat ground ollie. The board isn't made to "pop" you lean back on the board it brakes. But please, if you da man! Even a flat ground ollie I would like to see. Don't forget to record your attempts. ;)

  • @DVO

    If/when I'm able to pull it off, two things must happen.

    1. You @Franky @utsu @simenlier @Boogieman and the rest of the OneWheel heavy hitters in the forums need to lobby to XGames to include a section for OW.

    2. Yall have to come to the Midwest and shred it up with me!

  • Another tip for learning dismount...On day 1 I spent the very first 15-20 mins just practicing dismount after dismount while holding onto something to get the footwork down without having to worry about the balancing. It honestly made it simple...I had my wife do the same thing and she mastered it in no time also.

  • Good one @SC720! When my wife learns this will be the way.

  • @Brutha-Man Dude seriously, this isn't a skateboard man, trust me. I can still kick flip even if I haven't touched a board in years and I'm 36 years old. There is no way in hell you can kick flip this, jump it into a jump 3-4 feet in the air etc. If you live close to someone, beg them to meet you, buy them a starbucks, but I'm afraid you really have the wrong idea about this board so far.

    On the onewheel road trip, some kid did a sort of an ollie up a small curb when they were at the skate park. That's the closest I've seen. Hippie jump, body varial/180, a normal shove it, that's about it so far. I'm all for innovation, but I'm really worried you'll be disappointed thinking you can skateboard normally on this thing.

  • @utsu keep riding, keep practicing. I'm built like you and even though I skated/surfed/snowboarded as a kid, this was all new to me. Granted I wasn't great at the other three either. haha It took me about a week to switch to extreme mode. I've taken some nasty spills, have a scar on my forearm for life, but all worth it so far. It's definitely a trust factor you have to build with the board and yourself. Always wear wrist guards, saved my arse. I'd say it takes half an hour to get going on it, then a few more hours of practice to wear you can start to learn the gyro as you said.

  • Day 02: everything aches. Sunburnt, wrist is on ice, and I think I'm taking a day off.

    Was pleasantly surprised that dumping a bucket of water on each side of the onewheel basically completely removed the dirt/dust from the field yesterday and made it look nearly as fresh as it did out of the box.

    Really under-estimated the workout I was getting from a few hours outside yesterday.
    If the minor sprain pain is gone by tomorrow I'll be back on it for sure. Really want to master this thing.

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