Newbie (Real World!) Beginners Manual.

  • @MichaelW That's pretty funny... I studied this post while I was waiting to receive my board, not having a clue I'd end up riding with you a few months later!

  • I always wear wristguards. Probability says I'll bust up my hands everytime otherwise.

  • To all LA riders! We meet on Saturdays around 11 almost every weekend. Feel free to come join us!

  • @hybred Hope this helps!

  • The 1st day I got my OW I had worked 12 hrs so I only had about 40 minutes to try it while passing it back and forth to my wife. I woke up at 5o'clock the next morning and rode over 2 miles around the city and it was one of the best and most exciting times I can remember.

  • I know having faith and trust in the OW is something that comes up time and time again, but I'd like to emphasize again for the new riders the importance.

    Yesterday I felt as though I was losing control on bumps and gravel but just rode it out and I was fine; at one point, I even had the nose end up pointing down to the point where I thought I would nose dive and the motor was whirring wildly like when you push through the pushback and I was able to recover.

    Then, I had a similar occurrence riding through a wet bumpy, grassy field, and simply by convincing myself that if I kept my cool and tried to level out, the OW wouldn't let me fall, I wouldn't fall. Turns out, I was right. Lesson of the day was through the wobbliest and most unstable parts of the ride, if you keep your cool, you can typically recover.

  • @shadowfx This is very true... the one fall I've had (I ran over a branch that I didn't see), I could've recovered from had I had realized the OW was just going to roll right over it with no problem. Instead I prepared for the worst and fell backwards.

  • @utsu said in Newbie (Real World!) Beginners Manual.:

    Getting used to that "1 second off" for the foot sensor before the motor disengages drove me crazy at first, but I started understanding it. It always feels like forever..

    What does this mean?

  • @sniff The sensors give you one second after you take pressure off one of the sensors before the motor disengages, just in case you did it on accident. This means when you dismount, there's a delayed reaction between the time you take your foot off the sensor and the motor disengages which can catch new riders off guard.

  • @thegreck thanks. Just got my board im about to head out on my first ride.

  • Got mine this past weekend after test riding it at the local kayak shop. Loving it. Haven't hit pushback yet, started off in extreme mode as people seem to suggest. 43 and been riding sideways since I was 10... So far the only trouble I get in is on sloppy dismounts or riding up and down banks, haven't wiped her out yet but do get a lil wobbly. It's definitely not like longboarding, I feel way more secure on the longboard when bombing down a hill because there's no software to screw's all on me. With time I guess I'll trust this thing but for now I'm trying to stick under pushback speeds. Loads of fun though.

  • Yo! This is good old school thread for new riders who just bought a board. Feel free to add anything if you feel like something is missed.

  • @MichaelW glad you revived this. Good stuff in here.

  • Sometimes old posts need to see the light of day again.

  • @Buckaroo-Banzai Have you seen this?

  • As a total n00b I am grateful for this post. I've been lurking these forums for months and didn't know it existed; so thanks for the bump @MichaelW ! If this post could be pinned I would support that.

  • So many people are getting hurt. Read this people!!

  • @MichaelW No matter how long or loud we've been trying to preach and teach this stuff, people see one, they buy it, they ride it, and they crash. Why doesn't anyone do any research first??

    There's especially no excuse for all these guys who had to wait 2+ months for their OW+ to arrive and immediately wreck, THEN get on the forums to ask questions. I had read every entry in this entire forum and watched every Onewheel video available by the time I got mine and attempted to ride it.

    Knowledge is power, folks! This thread and others like it can be the difference between having fun and wearing a cast for a month!

  • @thegreck You read my mind... It's crazy how everyone just pushes through the limitations of the OW and nosedives within the first couple of rides.

    I think WE were so amazed by this new and mythical floating device, we took babysteps to learn and practice.
    But the newer riders already saw a ton of videos or real life flybys, and think they can do the same thing...

  • TIme for a bump perhaps!

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