Extreme 3.0

  • A big deal was made of the first firmware update and the differences it made to extreme mode. Some even wanted the option to switch back into extreme 1.0.

    By the time I received my board the firmware already was updated so I never got to experience 1.0 firmware. To be exact my firmware was 3000 and to me it was very stable and good but I still needed to learn the limitations of extreme and not push the limits to avoid going nose down. Pushback was there but it was more of a reminder that you were pushing it. Pushback in this version was not going to keep you from nose diving but I learned quick enough to understand when the board was maxed out and to back off.

    Since 3000 it seems like there have probably been many iterations so I'm unclear of how extreme has progressed until now. What I can say is that going from 3000 to 3034 to me seemed like going to Extreme 3.0 if what I was shipped was 2.0.

    This version seem to have eliminated the pushback concept in favor of a more gradual nose elevation until you are just riding elevated. I'm sure this is more safe as the nose elevation starts sooner than pushback did in 2.0. And by the time pushback started in 2.0, in 3.0 your nose is already elevated and you are less in a position to push the limits.

    While I will grant that this seems more safe, on the other hand I feel it's less comfortable sooner than it used to be. I feel now riding top speed to be riding with nose elevated which does not feel as good. On the bright side I now have no fear of nose diving as they have made it near impossible to push past the limits. To me this means they have taken the extreme out of extreme.

    Let me be clear that I'm not complaining but rather looking for others thoughts.
    If anything I'm sure this has saved me from nose diving here or there. It's also made my rides less worrisome about taking a fall. On the other hand riding at top speed is less comfortable.

    It your initial firmware was greater than 3000 then you might have started with extreme 3.0. Looking for thoughts on those that experienced 1.0 or 2.0 for sure or anyone's opinions on 3.0 if it p is your first firmware.

  • I seem to be in the minority, but I am happy with 3034.

  • I'm not unhappy with 3034 but I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed the differences. There are definate pros...especially for new riders. I think there are also cons for experienced riders too. If only one option is available I'd say I'd prefer this. However I think ther is a place for "extreme" and this version isn't that. They should call this something like expert and have an extetreme mode for experienced riders maybe v

  • I started with 3034, so I can't comment on differences. I can say I hit the limit frequently but have never nose-dived (or fallen at speed at all), though I've also never intentionally pushed through the pushback, though I've been told I can.
    I do feel like I would like a bit more top speed. I feel like if I just had a couple of MPH more, it would be great.
    Like, leave "Extreme" but add "Ludicrous" mode, for example.
    Of course, then maybe if I fell I'd really hurt myself.

  • @Franky Yes, I meant to say that, and amended my post.

  • I have yet to update to the 3.0. I only ride in extreme mode and it's been perfect aside from the random mode switches I get. The pushback is always unnerving at any speed so I can't chance that it would begin at any earlier speeds. Just my opinion

  • I haven't upgraded to 3034 yet either, I want the option to roll back if I don't like it..

  • I found myself cruising this evening at a comfortable 18.56 mph. I was surprised that the pushback finally limited my speed bursts at.....

  • I swear I couldn't go that fast before the update. Who knows, maybe I'm just getting more comfortable rolling around.

  • @DocBlock I cannot get close to that speed. I'm guessing weight could play a big role if pushback is based on rpm rather than mph. Though it seemed to me that pushback starts right at exactly 13mph so I assumed it was mph.

    I did think possibly the mph stats algorithm was updated to be higher which would kick in pushback sooner if it's based on mph.

  • I weigh right around 170, I've never got close to that speed. Doc what hacks are you using?! =)

  • I weigh 150, no wind, 16 psi, super smooth asphalt.

  • @DocBlock That's crazy fast. Is that over completely level ground? I get pushback at 14MPH consistently (and I never push through it). I'm 170, 18psi, completely flat terrain. Would love to hear from @Future-Motion about this curiosity (i.e. how can the rest of us get that kind of speed).

  • Perfectly flat dragstrip

  • ive clocked in at 17.5mph on a traffic radar but ive never gotten faster and can usually only get around 16mph. I weigh 140 and use 16psi, 12psi for cruising and off road

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