DIY $5 removable OW fender

  • It's not as pretty as the $85 fender from OW or super-sexy like the magnetic carbon fiber fender, but for less than $5, some of you will probably enjoy this DIY fender :-)


    Goal: Create a OW fender that I can take on/off easily and stick in my pack
    Why: I just LOVE that big tire, and I want to see it when I ride. Yet, I want a fender when it's wet (I have the $85 fender from OW).
    Price: $5 (for 2 fenders!)
    Time: About an hour
    Result: Super light weight fender, that I take on and off in seconds & easily stuff into my backpack.

    The key component here is a flexible piece of plastic big enough to be a OW fender (24x45cm, 9.5x18" or longer) and stiff enough to support itself without rubbing the tire. It turns out that a A3 clear book is the right strength & length - and comes in blue to boot. Just trim it to the width of the OW. I bought this at Seiyou (Japanese Walmart) for $5.


    Next, unscrew the fender screws a bit...

    You'll be cutting & folding the corner of the plastic to fit under this screw.

    Here's a side shot.

    It will look like this...

    You may need to fiddle with it to get the cut depth right, so the fender doesn't hit the tire. I bent the end which goes near the sensor pad to get the best angle.

    To install, slide into the end, insert plastic under the screws. I don't tighten the screws, because I want to be able to pull it right off, but you can tighten them if you like.

    Attach the other side... and you have a fender. Cut nice curves in the sides if you choose..

    Bonus - if you need a little case to slide your fender into when it's wet, the A3 clear book has 20 of them built in :-)

    Have fun in the water!!

  • Finally got a big rain storm to test my homemade OneWheel fender in. It was great!

    But I need a little more clearance - to avoid sounding like a broken Star Wars droid when debris gets caught under the fender :-)

    My test ride video is here... you can hear the road debris I mentioned...

  • Wow! Very smart design @jeff8v7! Bravo!!

  • Nice dude!!

  • Love it!!!

  • @jeff8v7 I'm on this. Great work

  • Fantastic!! This is just what I was looking for!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hey does anyone have a good link of where I can buy a notebook like that online? A brief search did not turn anything up and Home Depot disappointed me this morning.

  • @stefanawad Might try Home Depot. They often have a good assortment of plastic sheets for other things. Doesn't really matter what you use - as long as it's pretty stiff. I lucked out in office supplies, but a hardware store would be my next stop.

    I've seen quiet a few of these homemade fenders in videos in the forum :-)

  • @jeff8v7

    Has anyone done this recently? Still work just as good as paid fender? Also, could someone post a link to the right kind if plastic?

  • I made mine with 1/32 polycarbonate sheet cut to 9.5" x about 18.25". Works great as a temporary, or backpackable solution: Another Temporary Fender DiY My area has a plastic supply store called TAP plastics. Can also be ordered online, but might not be economical with added cost of shipping. The piece cost $4 at the store here.

  • @zonk117 Just some leftover old slide board material as the flexible plastic. My buddy found some thin plastic at Lowe's and made a template but this could easily serve as a replacement. The material was near the for sale signs per my friend. 0_1484529689371_20170115_122717-816x612.jpg 0_1484529712607_20170115_132246-612x816.jpg

    @jeff8v7 thanks for the inspiration, man!

    @jeffmccosker, @jeff8v7 you Jeffs are the DIY masters!

  • I only just saw this post - been a bit out of the loop with the forum. This is fantastic though - thanks for sharing, @jeff8v7! We have A3 laminating pouches at work (I think), so I might try and use those, and laminate myself a Mattel hoverboard fender!

  • Yep, I'll be building a fender this weekend. I was stupid and purchased the $85 POS fender from FM. I've not even had the fender 3 weeks and it is done. Can't understand why FM would take shorts cuts by using cheap, brittle plastic for their fender, especially when contrasted with how well built the OW is. I'm thinking of making my fender out of a thick mud flap from an auto parts store. It will be black, thick to hold it's shape, yet will flex. In fact, it will probably flex enough that I could step on it for doing tricks like some do without a fender. (right, I'm 42, have only had the OW+ for 3 weeks, I won't be doing those tricks). I'll post photos when I'm done (if it ends up working well).

  • @njacobs
    Here is my Mud Flap DIY Fender. It flexes and returns to it's shape. Doesn't look as nice as FM's but it is far more functional, it won't break, plus it's MUCH more quiet.
    I think I may trim the width at the top to make it look nicer. 0_1510530255394_Fender Off OW.jpg 0_1510530265760_flap to bracket.jpg 0_1510530278462_Finished product.jpg 0_1510530294424_Side view.jpg

  • I found an A3 clear book with 10 sleeves today at Daiso Japan (in California) for $1.50. Unfortunately they only had red ones at my store, though. Thanks, @jeff8v7!

  • @njacobs please list the materials other than the flap

  • Purchased the A3 clear book for $2 Cdn only from Daiso Japan in Richmond, BC, Canada.

    This is the simplest DIY project I've done so far for Onewheel, and the result is satisfying. Curved the sides for a slim profile (similar to Float Fender), but the best part is using a 3-hole punch to open the screw holes. The 2 holes at each end of the 3-hole punch line up with the OW fender screw holes. Well, off by maybe 1mm but workable.

    Still waiting for the rubber paint to dry when I took the photo. [Edit: the A3 clear book is very easy to cut using standard scissors.)

  • I made one in 30 lying around, used packaging soft foam with headliner glue to pad the underside for noise....Screenshot_2019-04-13 Eenor Wildeboar on Instagram “Made a wheel guard, and a couple foot pad designs, the one that got mou[...].png

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