OneWheel Solar?

  • @sidebox you can order just new pads and stuff or remove the grip tape yourself and replace yourself. I'm trying to find the post that shows it. I wonder if this is under warranty or not for you/me.


    keep scrolling down but a lot of details in there.

  • @veryous Perfect, thanks! I think I'm going to peel it and screw it. I've already taken a couple chunks out of the wood, so I might also order a new set of footpads for the future.

  • Can one of you post a pic of the successful mod? With the tape screwed down!?


  • I can honestly say I've never really look at or examine my board. And normally I'm not riding around others so I don't care how dirty it is...especially because I'm normally riding though dirt or roads with crud on them as was the case tonight after a rain storm today. However this is out of control..... I'd be interested in others cleaning routines or if you just avoid the crud to keep it looking good. It is nice to know a new set of pads can easily bring it right back. image.jpg

  • @A.-Sant here is a pic of the screws installed. image.jpg

  • @Franky I have always just taken my board to a self service car wash, and for a dollar I get enough time to spray my board off. I don't spray too closely as to avoid water injection into seams, but I do spray close directly down onto the grip tape. This gets all the crud off the tape nicely. After I spray the board off a quick wipe down with a cotton towel makes it look new again.

    You really should peal off and reposition your grip tape.

  • @J-Glide will look into ordering more grip tape and new pads today. I will try the grip tape first and have the pads for backup.

    Look I gave my board its first bath today after having it for two months! Lol. Actually surprised how well mud came right out of grip as it's been there since day one.image.jpg

  • Spray some mild cleaner or detergent on an old tooth brush and the ground in dirt areas will look like new.

  • @J-Glide Thanks for the pic! How long/deep are those screws? Just as deep as the wood?
    Thanks again.

  • @A.-Sant I think they are jus a quarter inch. They bearly peak out of the other side of the wood. I unscrewed the wood to be sure it was ok where they went in.

  • Right on..thanks J-Glide. I may just do it right when I get my OW. Seems like a common problem so why not get out in front of it.

  • @A.-Sant I would highly recommend it! It seems that this is a problem for everyone on here. Also when I got my second board it started to move after the second ride. That's when I immediately installed screws on it. Be sure not to put the screws further in from the edge than I did, or at least take the door pad off when you do it.

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