Updates to Onewheel Tour?

  • Hi all. .. I'm really thinking of buying a OW but it's hard to justify to the wife on spending close to 2K after shipping (in Canada) without even trying one. I couldn't find on the site a tour list after 2014 and wondering where I can try before I buy.. I fly to LA every few months for work so hopefully that is an option (or better yet, Seattle so I can drive to try. .)

  • I just ordered. I'm in canada (sask), after taxes and shipping our card was charged $2430. And yes me and my wife got into some heated arguments about the cost, good luck bro.

  • It is worth anything you have to pay for it

  • if all your waiting for is to try it out, then just buy. Videos don't do justice to the feeling of riding after you have had a little practice. I'm not one to spend on every passing whim which is why I waited until backers started reviewing their experiences. After hearing how amazing it is I purchased and I will buy again the instant they put a new version out. I litterally ride it every day.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm big on fiscal responsibility. Your money should first and foremost be invested in appreciating assets. But right after that, onewheel would come first for discretionary spending.

  • Thanks for the replies...I am not looking for OW to open a store or have some sort of special trial just for me ..just asking if they are still touring and keeping the schedule on the site, so if it works for me I can try it before I drop $2400 in my currency down for something I've never phisically seen.

    For those that did it based on Kickstarter, or forum reviews (which must be almost everyone here)..I am extremely jealous. But with a mortgage and 2 kids...gotta make sure that I don't make a mistake.

  • Your only mistake is not figuring out how to get your sneakers on one ASAP. Sacrifice something else, as OW will change your life forever. This entire forum can not be wrong. The only thing that is worse than your indecision, will be the wait when you finally touch the button that says 'ORDER NOW'

  • @rainynite If you can afford it, it won't be a mistake, as it will be both fun and very useful. The board just works amazingly well. Feels like the first time I used an iPod (or most new apple products for that matter).

    That being said, this is still a luxury, not a necessity. If you have higher priorities right now (family), then waiting won't hurt you, as this is the early adopter price.

    You will definitely get what you paid for and more, so I wouldn't worry about the quality or enjoyment of the product.

  • I still think it's almost a money back guarantee even if you don't like it. Look on here, every time someone says they want to sell a board it's gone within a few hours.

  • I count the hours until I can get off work and step on my OW..
    The ride is pretty epic
    The feeling knowing you own one or more is priceless for sure

  • Just to pile on here... I was/am like you, @rainynite ... I'm always a diligent shopper and just refused to lay out that kind of money without testing what I was gonna buy.
    I demoed a Boosted Board first. It was great, had a big smile on my face and thought, "Well, I'm still going to test the Onewheel, because I'm going to do my dilegence, but I don't see how it could be better than this."
    Then I tested the Onewheel in SF and boy was I wrong! After about 20 minutes I already knew the Onewheel was the hands-down winner.
    Now I've had it for a few weeks and it is just amazing, and SO well built... it feels like a tank, but rides like a snowboard.
    It's all I (or any of us) think about (that's why I'm on this forum all the time... I don't participate in any other online forums).
    So, anyway, you have to do what you have to do but, really, you will NOT regret your decision, and even if you do, like @veryous said, you can always sell it for pretty much full price if you want.

  • @kbern Agreed, this is the only forum I take part in regardless of all my other little hobbies. It's also something that I haven't gotten bored of or sick of yet in the few months I've had it, which is a rare thing for me.

  • I saw the initial coverage in January of 14 of the prototype and didn't back the kickstarter because I thought it was too risky. After reading the kickstarter comments going back to that time I'm still glad I didn't back because everyone had to wait so long while I was oblivious.

    Then I saw a new story from ces 2015 with a production board where they said most backers had received their boards. This really got my interest because it was a real thing and there should be real reviews of it in the wild.....so I thought. Unfortunately at that time there still wasn't much of anything online and certainly no in depth reviews. I guess most backers were still waiting.

    Finally in late March of this year a new Facebook group called Onewheel Riders was started to which I joined and finally heard from real owners their experience. With also hearing one member who had ordered in January still waiting for his board in April, I was concerned about missing summer in WI with onewheel if I waited much longer. So I ordered April 5 and got my board June 18. I ride for fun everyday and am more satisfied than I thought I would be as I use it in way more situations than I thought I would and it's built so well.

    I still don't get why their has not been an in depth review by any major website or publication. Everything is always press and photo op with the same coverage results....Reporter tries to ride and is wobbles at first. Reporter states basic stats. Reporter rides a little faster and has fun. Reporter publishes piece. Some gadget reporter needs to spend a week or two with the board and right an in depth review so average people can find out how great this product is.

    My board is still the only onewheel I've seen in person and nobody out of all the people that have seen me riding were aware that this product exists.

    This form factor is here to stay so you can either buy one before the trend or wait until the rest of society discovers it and it really takes off.

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