So I ordered a onewheel, what to expect?

  • That feeling of being excited as a kid for Christmas has come full circle.:neckbeard:

  • @Leperkonvict its fun! You will soon see for yourself. But mostly you will feel how fun it is.
    What to expect?
    Happiness...when you finally receive your board. the speed and smooth feeling of rolling along
    Sadness...for the loved ones you will neglect as you ride your onewheel (just offer them a ride and this sadness will turn into happiness again)

  • I hear ya man..I'm at week 4 and its freakin tough! Especially when I keep coming here to read fun posts and see sweet photos & vids.

    As a former surfer and current longboarder..I'm hoping the ride will be somewhere in between. Not as bumpy-vibratory as the longboard..and not quite as floaty as the surfboard. From all the vids and great descriptions..we are in for a real treat! more pumping up hills..for an 40+ 'old dude' that's a major bonus!

    Waiting in WA..

  • Yeah I keep coming here to read stories. As a canadian who only ever skated/snowboarded, I remember my first time catching a baby wave(lol) while surfing in Costa Rica, felt like snowboarding over an avalanche. So I'm stoked to hear this feels somewhat like surfing.

  • I figured I'd chip in here: You will absolutely love it. It definitely feels more like snowboarding than skating (having never surfed, myself). I've had it for a full week now and I make sure to set aside at least an hour in the morning, afternoon, and night to ride around. It will invade all of your thoughts and you will just be waiting until the next time you can ride.

  • @sidebox thanks for making me that much more excited!

  • I have had mine for 3 days now. My gf already hates it cause I'm always riding it. I find myself making up excuse to use it, gotta go get milk right!

    What did it cost to ship to Canada. I just placed an order for some too resell here in BC. Once ur friends ride it and fall in love with it(and they will) look me up.

  • My girlfriend hated it, now accepts, and has expressed interest in one. Just a matter of time...

  • @BCRyan Can't wait. I've been stretching everyday in preparation, waking up these withered muscles, shedding this old skin.:muscle:

    As for shipping, it was $300 US. So my total came $2440 CAN. :see_no_evil:

  • You have to expect to one or two hard landing.....
    Once you've done this you no longer fear anything :grin: :grin: :grin:

  • Are you stuck in a tree? lol

  • @DocBlock lmfao:laughing:

  • @fabuz That's an awesome shot... it makes me think I should always have a gopro mounted and running just so I can catch something like that!
    (P.S. you should post that pic in "General Discussion->Post cool pics here!")

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