Lord I love this thing! - Embarcadero #1

  • Man. Just had one of the best evenings in a looonnng time! This board is unbelievable. This is the first time in the two weeks I've had the board where I really had a chance to go out and ride (vs. commuting).
    Rode Embarcadero in SF to Fisherman's Wharf (crowded), up my biggest hill yet to Chrissy Field... awesome smooth pavement there and great sights, then back to Embarcadero after dark with much fewer crowds and SICK riding in and out of the few remaining people with Ferry Building, Bay Bridge, and The City all around me.

    The video was last minute, hand-held, and too slow. I'll be doing some better go-pro ones soon... stay tuned:
    IMG_0474-web.JPG IMG_0470-web.jpg

  • @Kbern be careful for download pics they must be 256Mo max...

  • @fabuz that was the problem! Thanks! (I just cut them down to screen size and it worked... would have been nice to have seen an error message, lol)

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