Any problem with recharging Onewheel using my car battery and an inverter?

  • I'd love to charge my Onewheel while I'm out at the local mountain-bike trails. Any reason not to charge it with my car battery and an inverter? The inverter can provide plenty of power (up to 1000 watts and seems like I need less than 250), but the AC power it provides is not a sine wave, but a "square wave". Will this damage my Onewheel charger?

  • i wouldn't advise it, from my understanding it's not good to go from dc to ac to dc again; what would be sweet is a "car charger" with the dc to dc from car to board COUGH FM I WOULD BUY THAT COUGH

  • How do you know it's a square wave? Though most inverters aren't perfect, it should be an approximation of a sine wave unless it's the jankiest inverter on the planet ;)

    There's no real issue going from DC->AC->DC again. There are efficiency losses in the form of heat in the inverter, and the normal heat in the charger.

    Check the current that your 12V socket is capable of. Most are 10 or 15 Amps which means you get 120-180 watts. Depending on how the charger works, I expect one of three things to happen. The charger works and happily charges your board, the charger draws too much current and the inverter gives off a low voltage beep, or the fuse in your car supplying 12V blows. Aside from a 50 cent fuse, nothing should break. Give it a try!

  • I have charged my onewheel this way several times, if I ride more that my first charge and my battery backup can handle. I'm still a little worried about charging this way a lot, but occasional use seems fine, so far.

  • Does the OW's battery charger happen to list the input/output specs?

  • You could but you'd have a rucksack full of power supply and battery. The guy's design seems pretty sound and all the parts are commercially available, the only criticism being that he should have perhaps used a diode or two in series with the batteries to keep the volts under 15V for the Duracell inverter rather than a resistance.

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