Wow...The battery shutdown needs a warning! Dangerous!

  • Was ridding along full speed and BAM!

    The board shutdown with me going full speed, luckily it happened so fast I could react and was to run down the street. But it could've been really ugly, this needs to gradually shutdown, not like a switch!!

  • I definitely think there should be an audible warning or a headlight flash before shutdown. I get battery pushback at 10% and so I figured previously that I should get home and wrap it up... well a minute later I got shutdown. Luckily I was headed uphill, so I was able to run it out with the help of gravity. Tonight I got battery pushback at about 11% and I just turned off the board and walked it home about 4 blocks (not a fun walk with this anchor).

    Just don't fight the battery pushback. Once that happens, just act as if your battery is dead.

  • I agree, an audible warning of some kind would be cool. Even if there was a way to send a notification to your phone through the app.

  • I've ran my board low and I swear I never seem to feel the battery push back every time it's happened. I agree, I'd like an audible/visual warning, hey dummy check the battery alert. Something for the poor Android folks too who don't have a phone app yet, so it has to be on the board itself.

  • @veryous I wonder if it's more severe/earlier in "Classic" mode? I ride in "Extreme" mode and have never felt the low-battery pushback, and I've gotten it down to 6% without a problem.

  • I ride down to 1% all the time and this has never happened to me. That last 1% normally lasts a good while.

  • I wonder if it is some kind of flaw. I ran the battery dry 2 times, and I've gotten the battery warning 2 times.
    Unfortunately this was on 3 separate occasions, let me elaborate.

    First time riding, I spent in an empty gym. I rode it for quite a while, and then the battery warning kicked in.
    At first I didn't know what was going on, It was my first time on the board, but you really can't miss it.
    It basically renders the board inoperable by braking until you ride with the tail down.
    This time, the battery technically didn't run dry, as I heeded the warning when I understood what it was.

    Second time was riding down the street. The warning kicked in. I tried to ride it anyway, but it's hard to ride with the back of the board dragging in the asphalt. I power-cycled the board, and kept riding anyway (this removes the warning). After a few meters, the warning kicked in again. So once more I restarted the board and tried again. This was very stupid however, because this time the warning didn't have time to come, so the board just lost power and died on me, almost made me hit the ground. Landed on my feet, but my back kinda hurt from muscle tension.

    Third time, I knew I only had a little battery left. But I was "just going to the car" so I'd thought I would make it. And I did, but I had forgotten my keys, so I went back for them. Shut off my board as I got back in, and turned it on again for a ride back to the car.
    This time however, I didn't make it very far, and then the battery just died.
    This time I didn't get a warning, however I suspected that it was because my battery was pretty much dead when I started the board.

    I don't know my battery level (no iphone), and I'm pretty sure that the first two times was in 1.0 and the third time was in 2.0.
    First was beginner, second MIGHT have been as well. Third was definitely in extreme.

    In 1.0 beginner, you could not, in any way, miss the battery push-back. And by the time it happened, the battery was very dead, so not to ignore it.
    Maybe they've changed it, maybe it's an error, but I think it was good the way it happened the first two times.

  • @germx that is my experience. I was only thrown after ignoring the pushback by restarting. My problem is that the debilitating pushback seems to always kick in while my % is still very close to 10%... That's why I restarted in the first place, because I figure "oh, there is the warning, but I still have 10%ish left...". Of course, that is when I get thrown after a couple minutes. I would prefer to have an audible/visible warning about 5% before getting battery pushback.

  • Ahhh, I see what you mean by the "battery warning" now. Yes, the battery warning isn't meant to be a warning at all, it's meant to stop you from riding before your battery runs out.

    After I received my board I also powered back on after the "battery warning" a couple different times but stopped doing it because you don't make it much farther and I believe it's not good for the battery. Never did the board power off on me though.

    I would stop riding immediately after getting the batter warning and recharge before riding again.

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