Overcharge Pushback

  • Hey, I've run into some behavior that I think could use some tweaking. When the board is fully charged and I go downhill for a while I hit the overcharge pushback (expected). The problem is that the pushback is so aggressive that the board becomes completely unrideable (drags the back of the board), even if I change direction so that I'm using power (flat or uphill). In order to get the board to allow me to ride I have to power cycle it. I feel like the pushback should be lessened and the detection for when I have resumed using power should be improved. Thoughts?

  • +1 for not needing to power cycle. It's annoying.

    I was in your position in my old house (top of a big hill), and I found that riding on level streets for just 2 or 3 blocks and THEN going down the big hill worked fine. I just couldn't immediately go down the hill after unplugging the charger.

  • pretty sure the super aggressive pushback with mandatory power cycle is actually intended and probably a good thing, they want riders to realize they could destroy their board by overcharging and they want it to feel dramatically differnet than high speed pushback

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