Charging from car inverter or portable battery

  • So I am new to Onewheel and love it like so many others before me. This forum has been very helpful so thank you for having it. I have searched for information about remotely charging the OW via a car inverter or portable battery pack. I have found some info but would like some clarification. From reading the posts, it seems like some people have had success in doing it but it requires a certain type of inverter or battery power supply. I have a 330W inverter and wanted to try that but don't want to risk damaging our OW. Any suggestions? Also, is it ok to try the inverter I have or different methods to charge without rick of damaging the OW? Thank you for your help.

  • Thank you. I searched the forum before I posted and saw the post your are referring to but the links in the post just take me to the forum home page again with the exception of the last link that shows the battery charger. I am more interested in using an inverter. The inverter I have is I have is330 watts continuous with surge capability (peak power) at 600 Watts. Input voltage range 10-15 volts dc. I have used it many times to run portable stereo and xbox and thought I could use it to charge our OW.
    Is it OK to try this inverter/method to charge the OW? If I try it, am I risking any damage to the OW? Thank you.

  • I use a 750 watt inverter, with battery clamps, with no issues. I have tried with a 250 watt inverter plugged into my cigarette lighter socket... Won't work. Does your inverter have connectors or a plug in?

  • I highly recommend a pure sine wave inverter no matter what anyone else says. Modified waves are just not good for electrical equipment. You wouldn't want to have to buy a new $120 onewheel charger going cheap on an inverter. Mine is a wegan 400watt. I couple it to a deep cycle 35amp hour battery. Hope this helps.

  • FWIW, I just used this "pure sine" guy for the first time and all went well. I clamped it to my cars' battery direct and it handled the OW charger just fine. It's also light and inexpensive ...

  • I happened to have one of these..

    so it thought I would give it a try before buying something new. On a quick test I plugged into the 12v socket(cigarette style but not for a cigarette lighter) with the car running it went from 80% to 100% in about 8 minutes or less cause it was finished when I went to check on it after 8 minutes.
    I will run the battery down lower and try a full charge some other time but if it works they are only about 50$ plus I already have it, which is nice.

    I know pure sine is best but can anyone tell if this sounds like marketing BS or if this model is actually is pure sine. I'm not sure if a Pulse Width Modulated sine wave is really a pure sine wave.
    "Maintains PWM sine wave output voltage of 115 V AC (+/- 8 V AC)"


  • This post is deleted!

  • @Dmonicle I bought this charger after reading the recommendation by Dmonicle and it works great - charges fast. Quiet. No hassles. :)

  • Bought the microsolar inverter and the Plug! Now I can go everywhere!

  • Is this hardwired directly to the car battery and if so had there been any issues with charging like this as far as the ultra charger is concerned?

  • Charge the car battery using jump start. If you are not able to do that, then use inverter and other battery. Just connect the terminal of each battery through cable and start the car. When car starts, let them start 15-20 minuts or drive at least 5-10km to fully charged the battery.

  • 2 problems
    1 you have to make it back to the car in the first runs!!!
    2 maybe 1 day you will find the OW & the car are empty!? :(
    forget all other options
    just build/buy the PORTABLE CHARGER(400gr $40solar charge booster and any portable 1kg battery for hoverboards for example and make the 2 cables needed=DONE) for in your back pack...that will give you the most freedom!:):)

  • the UPS made for computers use a smallish sealed gel cel battery, usually 10 to 18 amp-hour size. those could probably run the projector for about an hour. check this

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