• Maybe a sling/carrier bag or something encase you run out of charge

  • Good idea - it's a bit awkward to carry long distance.

    I would love a large bag which can fit the OW inside when needed, but also folds up into medium size backpack while riding. The medium pack would fit the charger, a few other things, and the larger bag stuffed inside.

    I have something a bit like this now... For long distance hauling and taking my OW on trains and airplanes, I use an old REI Grand Tour backpack I bought at a used sporting goods store. My OW just fits inside with the zipper closed, and it's surprisingly comfortable to carry in a backpack. I thought the wheel would be pressing into my back, but it doesn't. The backpack distributes the weight well. For the airplane, I zip a cover around the backpack straps, and it becomes a duffel bag. The pack has an extra "day pack" which zippers onto the outside of the large pack. I use the daypack to carry everything else, so I don't have to keep the inside of the main pack clean from dirt. Downside is that I ride with a HUGE nearly-empty backpack on.

    A custom version would have the big pack custom made to fit the OW better (less extra space), and the big part would fold into the daypack when not needed. Having the deck stick out of the pack might make more sense and look cooler too..

    Here's a picture for inspiration...
    ![OW-inBackpack.jpg](uploading 100%)

  • @jeff8v7 think your picture might have been too large.

  • I also would love a small OW sling which covers the wheel, has a strap and handle, and folds into a tiny stuff sack that I could clip to my pants. Think industrial strength woman's tube top with a handle and strap and stuff sack.

  • OW-inBackpack.jpg

  • I'd like one of those backpacks with the metal frame customized to hold the OneWheel precisely in place without digging into me.


  • This is what I did:)


  • @natalie said:

    This is what I did:)


    You.. you.. drilled thru it? :O

  • Blasphemy!! ;)

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