Preventive maintenance/ protecting your Onewheel

  • @kbern said:

    here, I don't really understand the purpose of all this, other than maybe improving resale value. It reminds me of my grandma's house in Brooklyn that had plastic coverings over all the couches and chairs to "keep them looking nice". Huh?
    I don't understand how duct tape would look better than the way it comes, plus wouldn't the duct tape get dinged too?
    Plasti-dip might look better, based o

    How easy can the blue rails come off to dip them? or would you cover it up up and spray it?

  • I have always been a fan of Plasti -
    I have done my POV full dip -
    I don't doubt the product use on a lot of applications. I probably won't use it on my OW - because I do expect it to get road rash every now and again. I rather wipe it down and move on versus repairing a Plasti dip job , peeling a coat to redo the whole thing etc...

  • @eish I would spray them and tape off the rest, I wouldn't trust myself to disassemble it

  • Spray them with dip, haha

  • @eish it's been easy for me to peal it off and redo it. It has also stood up against scratching really well!

  • The blue color looks nicer in person than it does in pictures and video. A coating might help slightly if you are really concerned about resale value but most scrapes will probably go right through.

    It's really the footpads and grip that really age the board more than anything. I'd say only add protection if it adds the look you are going for v

  • Kind of funny to see how careful people are being with their boards when I look at mine. I've had it for two weeks and my footpads are both chipped up and the back one is cracked. My rail edges are nicked and scratched wherever possible. The perils of riding every day for 3 hours while hitting just about every pothole in Brooklyn. I guess I'll probably sand it and re-spray at some point and replace my footpads. I'm definitely going to screw down my griptape, that's the only thing that bothers me.

  • It's very personnal but I love my OW like she is :smile:
    I'll take more care of my next boards :)
    :metal: :metal: :metal:

  • @sidebox to respray would you disassemble?

  • @eish I would take off my endcaps and my foot pads, but I don't see a need to do anything else. I would just be careful and use an edged piece of paper around the button and charging port. I'm going to do it when I replace my footpads at some point. Probably not for a few more months.

  • @fabuz , I don't know how you did it but you got me beat. I'm with you that the wear and tear doesn't bother me at all. Not sure I'd have much fun if I was always worried about scratching it. Replace the footpads down the road and yours will look mostly as good as new.

  • How about one of those 3M clear films for cars? E.g.

    If it works for cars then it shouldn't impact the color of the OW

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