FOCUS GROUP: Lower weight, Longer range, Faster speed?

  • @Polle said:

    I think the speed limitation has something to do with legislation... I spoke to a cop here in Belgium and he said that when it gets over 25 km/h, they see it as a motorized vehicle. That would bring you have to wear the protective gear, have a special license etc...

    Only reason I will disagree is that the Boosted board does 22 mph. I'm sure that if that's what the cop said, that is the case in Belgium. I just don't know that that is the reason OW only hits 15 (though I've actually hit 20-24mph in the last week, which is kind of terrifying and awesome).

  • I'm going with weight. Carrying the Ow anywhere is a nightmare. I've had to do it plenty of times while traveling and it's tough. I've had an easier time carrying 4 pieces of my families luggage than the Ow.
    Now price is a close second because lowering the price would give us more people to ride with! As long as NO quality is sacrificed of course.

    1. Range
    2. Weight
    3. Speed

    I've been dumped at top speed in classic mode and it isn't fun. I think it is fast enough but more range would be really nice. As I've gotten used to riding I'm going faster and the range is becoming a limitation.

    Less weight would be nice for hauling the thing around. I only ride for fun, not to go anywhere because it is so heavy, unwieldy and dirty.

    1. Range
    2. Weight
    3. Speed

    Range so I can ride longer and go places without having range anxiety
    Weight so it's easier to carry and travel with. I'm a little skinny guy who works on computers. This isn't easy for me to carry far.
    Speed I've eaten shit at top speed, see road rash pictures in other post. I'm more than fine with 15mph. Usually I'm not carving at that speed anyway, more around 10.

  • I'm glad to see Range is the top of most of you guys list

    I agree ! - yet am still pleased with what I get out of my OW right now 👍🏻

    1 Range
    2 Weight
    3 Speed

  • I guess the main reason to want speed first is because I want 15mph without risking life and limb. Right now I can only il hit 15mph if I'm riding pushback and pushing it to the limits. It's not comfortable to ride this way but and I don't think it's too fast.

    Also the faster the board can go the more safe it will be at current speeds because of the excess capacity to speed up and pushback rather than maxing out and nose diving.


    I keep saying to my mates when they get this thing down to around 6kg it will take over the world! Its so bloody heavy at the moment. I won't take it anywhere that I'm going to need to carry it.

    The speed is fine, I defo don't feel the need to be going any faster, I usually ride in elevated mode. Obviously It could do with better range but Im happy enough to keep the range the same in order to improve on the weight.

  • @Polle re speed couldn't it be like the greyp bikes where they have a street mode and a wilderness mode (i mean theres nothing stopping you from letting go on the commute, its just on your head).

  • @eish I'm not sure, can be possible. Although in Belgium now they are checking electrical bikes. They can only go 25 km/h, if faster, users will get a fine.

  • @Polle That seems a bit slow for a electric assist bike - I can hit 15mph without breaking a sweat on my mountain bike on a good cycle path with high psi tyres

    I can comfortably do 25mph 40km/h comfortably on the road bike on a bad day! Hell on the correct road I can hit 30 without pedalling. I hate to think what speed I could get to on a specialized turbo on some welsh hills whilst trying to pedal as hard as I could!

    the bike manufactures should have a app which you turn it on to go faster - if weight goes off both pedals and seat, it then limits itself to 15mph :)

    Same with the onewheel - if the rider weight changes the speed should become limited :p

  • @eish I have to explain a bit better... If I did understand good, on those electrical bikes the assist should stop working when reaching 25 km/h. If not the bikers should have all the protective gear (helmet, long sleeves etc...) as for riding a motorcycle.

  • @eish said:

    @Polle That seems a bit slow for a electric assist bike

    Slow for any decent bike ridden by an adult. 25kmh is achieved with little effort on my cheap dual use bike (unless there's a 30kmh headwind). No point to electric assist below that speed.

  • @Andrew I think there is a cultural difference. Here in Belgium only seniors have electrical bikes, they start using it as they get older and feel they are getting less fit and still want to be outdoors and keep moving a bit...

    @Franky sorry for going way offtopic!

  • @Polle said:

    @Andrew I think there is a cultural difference. Here in Belgium only seniors have electrical bikes, they start using it as they get older and feel they are getting less fit and still want to be outdoors and keep moving a bit...

    @Franky sorry for going way offtopic!

    Here in NYC ONLY food delivery guys ride the electric bikes. I've been tailed by up to 3 at a time when riding my OW.

    1. Range
    2. Speed
    3. Weight

  • range

  • Range,

    I added Price: for European buyers the total comes to $1500 for the board + $300 for shipping + $450-500 for import duties and taxes so quite hefty, so I hope FM can come up with a reasonable pricing for Europe soon! And I sure hope I will never have to ship it back for any repairs... For $600 return shipping it might be cheaper to fly to California and take the board in person 😜

  • @Franky this poll is a great idea:

    1. Speed (I need a couple more mph)
    2. Weight (I hate having to leave it behind sometimes cuz i'd have to carry it at parts)
    3. Range (I would love more range, but I can work around this one with planning where I charge... I'm also still playing with various battery-pack-charging alternatives. Ideally FM would just make the battery quickly replaceable so I could carry a spare).

  • couldn't speed be a software update - couldn't we get an off road/private land mode where street speed restrictions are lifted - maybe an "Insane" mode - only allowed to unlock after the app thinks we can ride the board safely in Insane mode

  • 1 - Range. Range really seem key in breaking this one out of the novelty "last mile" market and into hardcore recreation sport and medium distance travel. If you consider other areas of rapid tech growth like the iphone, battery life was always on top of the charts. "Range" for electric cars, for laptops, for all technology lives and dies on its functionality when you need it the most. And when the onewheel battery dies, you're carrying around a 25lb awkwardly shaped weight plate the "last mile" home. Range is also one of the most easily marketable aspects to the consumer... easily quantifiable, "200% longer range"

    2 - weight / portability. a nice pelican style hardcase for airlines or the car? or maybe hardfoam included with the original packing that could be easily fitted into a hard shell case which suits the OW. Lower weight hopefully wont affect durability and that sense of luxury that picking up a heavy object gives you.

    3 - speed. Top speed simply does not not affect 100% of users. Enthusiasts need higher speed but they don't represent the majority of buyers and certainly not new business. Many electric skateboarders have said that you'd have to be out of your mind to want to go any faster than 15 mph on a board in traffic. you're just asking for trouble.. I know some people wants higher top speeds, but that shouldn't bee on the top of any R&Ds mission list, just my opinion!

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