FOCUS GROUP: Lower weight, Longer range, Faster speed?

  • @eish I believe the simple fact that I was pushing the board beyond the max speed of the motor, thus it could not accelerate any more to keep me balanced. This is why the sudden nose dive. In the current firmware versions you get a bit of push back in extreme mode so you know your near the limit of the board being able to auto-balance. Yes it was very painful, but I managed to recover ;-)

  • @jim Ah I see - its a shame the balancing and the wheel are not separate - have a main motor for the wheel and then an auxiliary one to control the balance - what happens if you are going down a big hill? (wales is rather hilly . . . )

  • @eish on hills you are leaning back and braking which is nice because it charges the batteries with regenerative braking. If you don't brake you will hit pushback and have to break or you will nose dive forward.

    1. Range (could easily keep on cruising)
    2. Speed (a couple of extra kph would be ace, not to mention a bit more acceleration if I really lean in)
    3. Weight (the weight is really fine for me, maybe a bit less would be good but, as is, it gives the board a really stable feeling)

    I reckon if we had more speed and power we would have less lock-ups but I heard the acceleration was reduced (I personally never experienced the first version of extreme so hard to say) I don't know if that was for safety or to reduce wear but yeah...

    ...following on, if we had less lock-ups maybe we could have bindings and if we had bindings we could have more carving potential and more jumping and tricks. Would probably need a dead-man trigger for bindings though... Pro model?

  • 1 Range
    2 Weight
    3 Speed

  • Yep, my top three are also in the order of:

    1. Range
    2. Weight
    3. Speed

  • None of the above.
    This isn't really a focus group.

  • Obviously in the minority...
    1 Weight
    2 Range
    3 Speed

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