Optional Pushback

  • Would it be possible to make the high speed pushback on extreme mode optional, please? I tend to cruise at the top speed and it's not nearly as comfortable having the front edge raised. On the previous version if you went beyond the top speed the front would just dip, but you would have to be pushing it pretty hard. I never really had any problems with that, did other people?

  • I broke my arm by going beyond top speed in extreme mode. The front dipped and instantly I was thrown to the ground. I am thankful for ver 2.0. Much safer in my opinion.

  • Was this with 1.0? I was just out on my board doing about 20km/h in extreme 2.0, the nose just tanked with absolutely no push back from the board to indicate hitting top speed, just tanked and hit the ground, sent me flying. Bad fall.

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    I'm not comfortable using extreme mode knowing that the push back isn't working and the nose is just going to tank again...

  • My accident was with ver 1.0. I have decided not to test the limits of extreme mode and I am fine cruising around in classic mode 2.0.

  • I just experienced the same problem as **thesexybeastman **. I was riding in extreme mode and the nose hit the ground and I flew over the board. Is this a problem ? How can I avoid this ?

  • @wyard01 me too. I was thrown off after nosediving. Because i felt no pushbacks at all on my extreme mode. Wonder why is this happening

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