Different tire shape?

  • I haven't ridden one yet, but it seems like a more rounded (rather than wide, flat) tire might make for more freedom of movement? Has anyone tried this idea?

  • @mattzman believe me, it's already enough freedom of movement :D

  • @chabis said in Different tire shape?:

    @mattzman believe me, it's already enough freedom of movement :D

    I agree the Tire on the Onewheel is Perfect. You get the range of motion needed at slow and high speeds and can also adjust the tire pressure to achieve different levels of control if you wish to.

  • Yes, what @Dude said. At a lower psi, you can't even tell the tire isn't rounded.

  • Yeah, due to me and my nephews sucking at balance and skidding on the walls of the tire and wearing out the edges rounding it out especially one 1 side, it's more unstable. The hard part on riding it is the front to back heal toe balance, I.e. Stearing. You want a nice flat base to work from. The OW is a unique experience, it's surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking all in 1.

  • I think it's realistic to assume a slightly concave OW wheel would improve performance. One wheeled vehicles are nothing new, if you do a quick google search you'll see that 99% of them had rounded wheels, and I don't think it's a coincidence.

    Also, because the OW uses a wheel built and designed for Go Kart racing, not one wheeled vehicles, we can probably assume that the wheel's design can be improved upon if custom built from the ground up.

    That being said, I love my OW and ride it every chance I get,, amazing product, the hype was real

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