Can anyone recommend a car inverter to use to charge a Onewheel?

  • I have it. Just need to ride the ow's so I can charge them back up. Just started raining today and forecast on and off all week. I might have time tomorow.

  • I bought the Chafon 346 WH portable power supply. I charged my board during stops over the weekend- totaling probably 1 full charge and the capacity was still at 100%. It weighs 7.5 pounds but I honestly couldn't tell it was in my backpack. It came with several charging cords- car, AC, and 6 in 1 for phones, etc. So far I am pleased with purchase.

  • @bdech15 Do you know if it can charge two OW's at the same time? I see it's rated at 500W with a peak of 1000W. I believe each OW is around 275-300 though...

  • @noahsw when I was charging the onewheel the capacity showed 53% remaining, which leads me to believe the answer would be yes...assuming one is only consuming 47% of available capacity. If my plus gets here anytime soon I will test it out, right now I only have one board.

  • @bdech15 I just ordered the Chafon...seems to be a perfect solution in a relatively small package. I'll use it for my drone batteries while on the road as well.

  • @e-ball Which model did you get?

  • @tony420121 I got the higher capacity 346 WHrs. It costs more, but the weight appears to be almost the same. Also, at 346 WHrs I'm pretty sure you can fully charge a dead OW twice without the need to recharge the unit.

  • @tony420121 the CF-UPS018 346WH...$399.90 on Amazon.

  • Nice..Ive had mine for a while but rarely use it, it's easier to find a bar or something to charge up while waiting..

  • @bdech15 just ordered mine too

  • @noahsw ok the good, the bad, and yet to be determined.

    Off to a good start..DOA out the box.

    Power switch indicated it was on but only 10-20v AC out of the outlets. OW chargers not coming on. Redid everything twice 2 different ways. Verified with meter.

    Took it apart. Looked ok inside. Not great.

    Put it back together. Tried again and it's working. Charged 2 OW's that were between 85-89% in 5 or less minutes.
    I have not compared this, but in the ow app, one board was -3.8-3.9Current Amps, the other -4.0. Last item under settings.

    You can compare this to the reading you get while charging from the wall.

    I'll test it again this week and see if I can set my car on fire with this thing.

  • I have This one I'm not sure how similar it is to these other yellow portable power supplies, but with mine, 1 in 10 times I use it, it unbalances one of my cells and I have to run the board down to 0% and recharge it from a wall outlet to fix it. That being said, I still use it often and it's worth the small extra hassle

  • I recommend you use a pure sine wave inverter. Wegan manufacturers them. Get at least a 400 watt to make sure it will change the onewheel. You can hook it up directly to car/truck battery or a deep cycle battery. For details check this.

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