Can anyone recommend a car inverter to use to charge a Onewheel?

  • OK, so I need to be able to charge my OW from my car. I have a 330 Watt inverter that I tried but is was not up for the challenge.. Light just stayed green on the charger (seemed to try and turn red but flickered) and did not charge the board. I would buy another inverter if I knew the right one that would work. I see some are using the battery pack that people have recommended but I can't find anywhere where someone is actually using an inverter to charge their OW successfully. Can anyone say that they are charging the OW with an inverter, and if so, which inverter are they using. Or does anyone know for sure an inverter they could recommend that they know will work? Thank you.

  • @JimBarnes The inverter you have may actually have been working, just extremely slowly. I've got a 400W that I've used one time for an hour-long drive and it only ended up charging Onewheel a few % (I think).

    That said, it's still not feasible, so you'll probably want something else, if it exists. But your inverter most likely technically works.

  • I don't know about a car charger, but this portable charger is approved by FM's senior technician @Julian.

  • so do you need to take the charger and battery with you ? Or is it just the charger?

  • Thank you for the responses. I would think the app would show the plug on it like it is charging like it does when plugged into an outlet but it does not. I guess I could try to leave it on to see if it would charge it, although taking such a long time wouldn't be worth it anyway. I was hoping not to get the additional battery power supply and have the inverter work but I still haven't found anyone that is charging it through an inverter. So I'm still looking. If anyone is successful with charging their OW with an inverter, please respond, preferably with the type of inverter. Thank you. To answer skideeppow's question, I would think you would need to take the battery with you as well as that is what it would use to charge. There is a portable battery pack that has been used and recommended by other users in the charge on the go post.

  • Just checking that your connecting the inverter directly to your battery, and not via cigarette lighter port.. :) What type are you using?

    I think the one wheel need 300w(? should sayon the charger), so you need something that can cover the 300W plus whatever the peak startup is. You want a pure sinewave inverter, looks like these are 150+$..

  • I too am trying to charge from my Jeep. I thought I read somewhere that a 300 watt inverter would be fine. I don't understand why the slow charge time if the car battery is charged. I can't imagine output from car battery is limiting. Of course inverter should go directly to battery, and is not feaseble with cig lighter.

  • OK, thanks to the great support from onewheel, I found out my answer and now sharing the results with the forum. Onewheel support rep checked with OW technician and they recommended this Inverter...|7067173011|7067174011%2Cp_85%3A2470955011&rps=1&s=automotive&sr=1-1

    I ordered it and took it through the following steps. I used a power outlet in my truck at first with a 15amp fuse. It seemed to try and charge the OW but eventually blew the fuse. I replaced the fuse with a 20A fuse and tried again. Again, it seemed to be charging and it did not blow fuse, however, the light on the charger was flashing green/red and not acting like it does when plugged into a normal outlet so I wasn't so confident in the solution. Then I ran the inverter directly from the battery terminals and it worked perfectly. Thank you OW tech support! Problem solved. I was able to charge the OW completely and quickly using the above inverter connected directly to my truck battery. Bonus was that I charged the OW while the truck was turned off and it had no problem starting after charging the onewheel :)

  • Cool, they recommended a modified sign version..

  • @JimBarnes So how many charges do you think you'd get before the car won't start?

  • @JimBarnes Thanks for the great find!

  • @JimBarnes That was a serious question, if anyone knows the answer. I'd like to buy one to bring on camping trips, but not if it means I won't be able to start my car after a couple of OW charges and we get stranded out in the desert!

  • @JimBarnes - Hey, so you are using that invert-er and it works huh ? - Just need to plug it onto the battery and works out of the box right? - If you permanently installed it into your jeep I would love a photo. - I would like to eventually do that with my truck.

    The amazon listing shows "No hairdryers etc.. " This seems like it would be more powerful then a hairdryer but I am no electrician. - However if you say it works, then it works !

    Also, does your jeep need to be running?

    @thegreck - Good question. - My plan however is to charge it once. Than of course run my car. for 5-10 ish and it should be good to go I would think.. - Yes, uses gas. Bad for the environment. .. : ( - We need a solar board. Onewheel needs to contact the people at SolarRoadways and combine technologies

  • Solar charger would be nice. My son said he heard something about a sombrero solar charger for OW but not sure if true.
    I do not know how many charges I would get until car won't start. An interesting experiment I'll let someone else try or eventually find out myself. I figured I have jumper cables to start truck if needed and use alternator to recharge battery. I'm not sure how to add picture but I''ll give it a try. I watched the charge happen on the app and the green light on the charger came on after the app showed the OW was fully charged.

  • ![0_1461642746110_Inverter pic1.JPG](Uploading 100%)
    ![0_1461642765193_Inverter pic2.JPG](Uploading 100%)

  • Sorry. I have two pictures but can't figure out how to get them in this post.

  • @JimBarnes Is it the solar sombrero?

  • @JimBarnes How could this possibly not be true???

  • @thegreck Still waiting for the four I ordered. Any guess as to what will really be sent?

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