We Ride Onewheel Competitions Survey

  • Please take a min to take this brief survey and let me know what you think. I put together this quick and simple survey to see what Onewheel riders (at least on the forums) think about Competitions.

    Competitions Survey on WeRideOnewheel

    You can post your Extended thoughts here as well, but Please take the survey first.

  • @Dude The survey doesn't work on an iPhone, BTW. Won't let you scroll past question 2. Will have to do it from a computer.

  • @thegreck Ok i will see if i can fix that this afternoon. Until then here is the web link direct to the survey Link to Survey

  • I'm going to leave the Survey up for another week. Anyone interested Please take 1 min to fill it out. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to fill it out already. Again any other input you have on the topic please feel free to put it here in this Post.

  • @Dude Okay, done, thanks!

  • OK Here are the 13 responses we got!

    Thank you to everyone who took the survey.

    Myself and some others are going over ideas and things based on the surveys.
    @jim Had a Great comment about Scheduling a World meet up. I like this Idea, my only concerns are with traveling with the OW. But a location with multiple Extra Onewheels, now thats and idea. Let me know what you guys think about all of this.

    Are you Willing to travel to Competitions far away?

    Yes, but only in my State or Country
    7.69% 1

    Yes, whatever it takes
    0.00% 0

    Yes, but only a few hours away
    76.92% 10

    No, only my City
    15.38% 2

    Are you Willing to pay an entry fee?

    23.08% 3

    Yes, but no more than $200
    7.69% 1

    Yes, but less than $50
    69.23% 9

    Yes what ever it takes.
    0.00% 0

    Do you care if the Competition is sponsored by a vendor or multiple vendors? (Check all that apply!)

    84.62% 11

    Yes, But I want it as pure to the Onewheel as it can be.
    7.69% 1

    Yes, only if it is sponsored by Future Motion, themself.
    0.00% 0

    Yes, if it saves me some money on the entry fee.
    30.77% 4

    Other (please specify)
    7.69% 1

    "If they have cool stuff for the winner of the race"

    Do you prefer an outdoor or indoor event?

    0.00% 0

    30.77% 4

    I'm ok with both.
    69.23% 9

    Would you prefer Trick Competitions or Race / Time Trials.

    Race / Time Trials
    38.46% 5

    15.38% 2

    Both, I want it all
    46.15% 6

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