Worth it for a College Student???

  • So I'm a college student who is thinking about purchasing a board. I found a deal for about $1100 but am going back and forth on price. As a college student there are lots of benefits to having one such as commuting on a large university campus and getting groceries (an otherwise 20 min walk) over the next 3-4 years as well as just the cool factor.

    However, as a college student, I don't have a ton of money either. I think a college student's $1000 is different that a 35 year old's $1000 if that makes sense. I am currently working and have some extra money to spend but to put it in perspective, $1100 could approximately cover a years worth of textbooks (or 1/27th of a year in college lol).

    I understand you all love the onewheel and I feel I would to, but at this point in my life does the enjoyment and practicality you get out of the board it seem to be worth a "college students $1000" that could potentially be going towards college funds?

  • @abraandr said in Worth it for a College Student???:

    I think a college student's $1000 is different that a 35 year old's $1000 if that makes sense.

    Lol! I'm 37, I borrowed 185000 $ to my bank to build my house, I have to feed my 4 years old twins and my cat...and i will not talk about my wife costs :)....so I don't know if what you say makes sense but for sure I'll purchase a second board ;)
    PS:futuremotion start financing for132$/month for a year :)

  • What @Fabuz said... :) - similar over here!

  • Same with what @fabuz and @Polle said... I'm 46 and after buying a house, a car, and a home-improvement loan, I'm in debt more than ever. But I still HAD to have a Onewheel and it has not only become my main form of transportation, but it's the most fun I've ever had. Regret doesn't even think about showing its face around me on this purchase.

  • Buy it.....

  • Go for it. Ask yourself how much you would pay for 30 minutes-to-an-hour of feeling happy and carefree, having a blast like you're a kid again. If the answer is $10 or more, and you expect to ride your OneWheel multiple times per week for a year or more, it's a deal.

  • Put even a fraction of the time the onewheel will save you back into your studies and it will pay off by many orders of magnitude...

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