Accident log

  • @jordo Great points! For some reason I always forget to include the knee bending, but it is one of the key most important factors in riding without incident. It'll save your ass when you hit bumps you weren't expecting, because it allows your legs to work as shock absorbers, rather than if you're stiff-legged, which will cause you to lurch forward, and seals your fate to end up face down on the pavement.

  • Thanks for all of the advice. @thegreck I solved the nosedive problem. My latest fall occurred when the wheel got swallowed by a hole in a grass field.@jordo I appreciate your words. Getting pressure from my wife to sell, but I'm not gonna. Anyone want to see the pic?!!

  • Man I love elevated. My preference. Call me loco. Plenty of speed. Love the nose up I get. Easy transition from multiple terraforma, cracks etc.

    Pratice pratice.

  • @medhead yes

  • @medhead My wife knows better, haha. Glad to hear you've got it solved.

  • medhead, get well soon.

    Talk about elevated.
    I tried it couple days ago and thought not.
    Tonight I gave it the benefit of a doubt and messed with it again.
    I think I like it.
    Seems to keep front knee slightly bent and the speed is constant and more controllable.
    I'm guessing elevated will be the norm for me.

  • lol I went out and tried elevated tonight too, it's not as extreme as I thought it would be, every single accident I've had has been due to the nose dipping more than expected in extreme mode, maybe elevated will make this less likely.

  • Yep, went out again on elevated. lol..
    Looks like I'll be stuck on it from now on.
    Every time you press the nose down, it's like acceleration.
    Never tried classic and never will.
    I think Extreme should be standard and elevated should extreme.

  • @medhead damn dude

  • Still haven't mastered "running it out" as opposed to my usual face plant. Any tips? Does being 47 have anything to do with it?

  • @medhead said in Accident log:

    Still haven't mastered "running it out" as opposed to my usual face plant. Any tips? Does being 47 have anything to do with it?

    Nope. I'm hitting the big 50 soon and comfortable going 16-17 mph on my electric skateboard but not the Onewheel.

    Running it out is a hit or miss. Seems like the more experienced, the better the chance to run it out.
    The other day, I got little too cute with it and should've been a face plant but somehow I was able to run it out and was surprised myself.

  • @medhead I'm not really sure, because I've only had to run it out once (I was testing out Elevated mode and going up a steep, wet-grass hill, and the wheel lost traction). Otherwise, if you concentrate on keeping your knees bent, your head directly over the wheel, your weight equally distributed across both feet, and control your speed when riding in tricky conditions, nosedives should be extremely rare. Just don't put yourself in that situation if you don't have to.

    If you watch this video I made when I was coming home from the store, I was riding pretty fast over sidewalks I'd never ridden before, and hit a lot of areas that likely would've made more than a few riders take a tumble, but when you're riding properly, that huge wheel will roll over pretty much any obstacle that's at least a little shorter than the radius:

  • @medhead And I've actually scraped the nose on the asphalt several while riding when I accidentally put too much pressure on the front of the deck, but since I was riding balanced and not leaning forward, I was able to just lift it back up and level the board without it being a more disastrous situation. [EDIT: Obviously, this isn't quite as easy to do on grass, as the nose doesn't slide.]

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