What other hobbies besides OneWheel?

  • I'm curious what other things are OneWheelers into? Sports? Collections? Cars? Motorcycles? Let us know and if you want to post a pic all the better. For me I'm into old school BMX (Mostly original finish early 80's). I love all technology including electric cars and solar. I also have a love for early 80's vintage arcade games and at one point (before my wife put the hammer down) had 15 or so (full size) in my house. How about you?

  • Awesome @MichaelW I have one OG Full upright PacMan Machine in my house (Well the Wife made me put it in the Garage) and one Arcade cabinet I built myself for a few consoles. Wood working is one of my largest Passions. I am thinking about making a video on building a ramp for the Onewheel, maybe to even use in a competition. I also Love technology and am interested in where Electric Vehicular technology is going.

  • Table soccer !!!! I have a club licence and I do local competition every month....
    I know that table soccer is very widespread in the U.S with some of the best players in the world !
    And it's a real sport too!

  • I have a Trophy Wife. Spent a lot of time and money working on that one ;-). Like most hobbies she's a bit of a money pit. Lots of maintenance. But I wouldn't trade her for anything.

    Oh, I also hike. I can draw or paint a realistic portrait. I read quite a lot of fiction two or three pages at a time just whenever I have a few minutes to spare. Lately, at the prime age of 35, I've been indulging in the nostalgia that comes from revisiting 80's movies that I haven't seen since the 80's as well as discovering graphic novels. Anything to hang on to feeling like a kid again I guess.

  • I love everything mixology.

    My old fashioned.

    Best martini esquire.

    Also I'm working on my patent pending clear ice maker. 0_1461312808088_image.jpeg

  • @TonyGDTLA You have to kick down with that Old Fashioned recipe! Whiskey Sours are actually one of my favorites. In fact, if I go somewhere and have a drink I (or my wife) love I usually do some research and try to perfect it at home. Some of my more notable accomplishments are the Caipirinha and Maracuya Sour. Though fairly basic drinks, the challenge was in acquiring the right alcohol for both.

  • My hobbies are all about music. I listen to a wide range of genres, and play the trumpet since I was a kid. Still playing concerts almost every other weekend with brass bands and marching bands etc...

    The OW fascination comes from skateboarding as a kid and snowboarding as an adult. My girlfriend and I are also looking to go on our first surfholiday...

  • I'm a skydiver and overall adrenaline Junky. I take my OW to the dropzone with me and love just being able to take a quick cruise around between jumps, and friends love playing around on the OW. Also a golfer, and have thoughts about taking the OW along to the golf course.

  • brewing beer and fly fishing

  • @fabuz Table soccer? lol... I had to look that one up as I have never heard foosball called that. Learn something new every day... I thought perhaps you were talking about ping pong. I'm going to have to look up some real pro table soccer games!... Sounds like fun!

  • I decided it was time to create my musical masterpiece....

  • @MichaelW ITSF : international table soccer federation ! But you're right, I tought that foosball was the german name...I'll send you some youtube foosball link asap by PM ;)

  • I'm addicted to buying a new cell phone every few months haha.

  • Bit of a gym rat. Downhill skiing, rollerblading, self-taught musician, beer connoisseur. The truth is, I spend most of my time with my wife and kids. The Onewheel is my mid-life crisis purchase, without the crisis.

  • @MichaelW I've always had full size arcades games at home.. My father owned the largest arcade and pool room in the tri state area from 1980 to 2000.. I started working there in 95. Those were the days lol.. Today I only have one but it's modern and has cartridges like a Nintendo.. They are huge like a note book too lol

  • I have far too many hobbies. Motorcycles, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Ham Radio, CTFs, Music...

  • Throwing mainly a $65 yo yo and cheaper ones as well

  • I love stand up paddle boarding...so much that I started a seasonal business on Cape Cod called Peace Love SUP....I also dig yoga, CrossFit, hiking, camping, strumming my ukulele, the occasional tequila shot and head banging to some good old fashioned grunge.

  • I thought my life was good! I want to be you when I grow up @peacelove1wheel

  • Shooting hoops, motorcycle, RV travel, entrepreneur. Anything that gets me out of here in winter. Onewheel is my mid-life CHALLENGE.

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