Almost Brand New OneWheel for sale - Southern California, OC/LA

  • Hello Everyone.
    This board has LESS than 30 minutes of riding time all together.
    Practically Brand New, with minor general riding scratches.
    There's nothing wrong with this board... It's just that I can't find time/place to ride it around here.
    Original OneWheel + Ultra Charger for sale (still have the box/instruction manual + the whole set that comes with the original board).
    Some of you might remember, but the Future Motion sent out an email with "IMPORTANT: Onewheel safety notice" message about a year ago. I had my board shipped to the headquarters that time to get the maintenance update + full inspection done. I do still have the email they sent me for confirmation (if you would like to see). It, of course, passed with flying colors and there's nothing wrong with it at all. It was shipped back to me and I didn't even take it out of the box since then.
    I'm willing to ship, if you are willing to pay for shipping.
    Please let me know~
    Asking price $1400 obo.
    Just message me if you have any questions or requests! Thank you

  • Shoot me a text at 248 seven zero one 1547. Thanks!

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