Funky Battery Issue

  • @dicorci hahaha. I tend to ride in the middle of the night when traffic is light, so I'm free to take advantage of long smooth roads. I find that going uphill lets me really gather a ton of speed, as opposed to downhill, which feels a lot slower.

    This is a nice long road I like to ride on that is super smooth and has a nice steady climb of about 5-7%. I generally don't ride over the manhole covers and am able to get a ton of speed.

    @Franky That sounds scary to me... It sounds like I might be without my OW for a period of time.... I'm hoping for an alternate home solution. I also have faith in support to get me sorted out. Also, 1%?!?! I would love that! That would let me get down past the Brooklyn Bridge on my nightly rides and back safely.

  • Hey @sidebox , just curious... after your Onewheel dies, does the blue ring light blink any error codes?

    I noticed your last screen cap shows the motor temp was at 132.80° (on my screen caps, I've gone up to 122°).

    Now, I have no clue what the motor max temp on the Onewheel is or if push back occurs when it reaches max temp, but I found it interesting that in the owners manual there is an error code for "Over-temperature".

    Hope your issue gets resolved.

  • @Wayne hmmm. I didn't notice, honestly. I glanced and it and it was steady blinking, but not very fast. I'll check on that tomorrow.

  • @Future-Motion any other ideas on a fix?

  • Hey @sidebox,

    You left it plugged in for a long period of time and it still seems to be running out of battery prematurely? If so, can you send a quick email to we'll get back to you right away tonight once a support ticket is created.

  • Yep. I have left it plugged in multiple nights in a row and all day at work. still getting shut down at 17-18%. Emailing now!

  • @Wayne My motor reached 150 deg today and was fine. Just FYI

  • @wayne @J-Glide @Franky looks like she has to go under the knife. I overnighted her to FM today. I'll let you know if they have any additional info. Thanks for trying to help me work it out!

  • Wow. So I sent my OW in on Wednesday via Overnight (I couldn't imagine going through withdrawal for the time it takes to ship via ground), and I included tag so FM could send it back to me overnight. Julian seems to have sorted out my issue and then actually brought my board to the local fedex center, since I included a fedex tag instead of UPS (which is who they get pickups at their facility with). My OW is currently on its way back to me. I will have been without my board for less than 48 hours, thanks to the care and dedication these guys show. I am so impressed by FM's support. I don't know yet what was wrong with my battery, but since it is in transit I assume it has been all sorted out. I'll edit this to include the explanation when I get one.

  • Hey @sidebox, glad we could sort you out before the weekend. Nothing worse than a weekend without a onewheel nearby.

    Board came in working really well, but like you described, wasn't giving you the full expected range. It just needed a more aggressive battery calibration that unfortunately the charger wasn't capable of providing.

    Might have thrown a surprise in there too. Enjoy!!

  • @Julian ! This will make my night rides that much better. I was able to almost make it down to Brooklyn Bridge Park and back, now I should have no problem with that, with the extra 15%. Thanks again for the personal touch and great work!

  • @sidebox @Julian You got a fender didn't you?!?!???!?!??!?!??!??!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Come on, prove me wrong! :smiley:

    Last night as pebbles were going in my shoes and up my shorts riding, I never wanted a fender more as I kept stopping to dig out the rocks in my shoes.

  • @veryous hahaha. I probably would have been sworn to secrecy, had I received fender, no? But, really, I didn't get a fender. @Julian replaceed my front footpad! I had the older style, without the plastic underneath. Now that he has replaced it for me, I am going to screw it down today. This company rocks!

  • hmmm......I really want to believe you.....but I really want you to have a fender more because then it's more real and closer.

  • @veryous I completely understand. I can show you my shoe full of gravel after getting back from lunch a few minutes ago as proof.

  • Pretty sure all the fenders on hand are prototypes and production hasn't been completed yet. They have not officially announced ship dates for the fender which I support so they can take the time needed to get them made right. I say put them for sale after they are made and are ready to ship same or next day. They don't need support inundated on when our fender orders will ship and those of us already initiated into the onewheel owners club don't need to play the waiting game again.

  • @Franky early September is when they will be released. The deign has to be done. I'm sure it's all about supply logistics at this point (i.e. Getting manufacturing all set in China)

  • I'm hoping I get a surprise too!

  • @sidebox, I would hold your horses a bit. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Production especially of a new product many times can have delays.

    And if they are made overseas like you are saying there could easily be delays. Even if production goes as planned there could be transit issues with trains, boats, and customs.

    I will order mine as soon as it's available but 99.5% of my rides would not be enhanced by the fender. And actually I think the board without fender has a higher cool factor. So I can definitely wait until it's ready.

  • @Julian Just wanted to drop one last thank you. I was able to stretch it out tonight and with my new range I'll be able to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge every night now. Great work!

    odom.jpg meter.jpg

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