Funky Battery Issue

  • @veryous I completely understand. I can show you my shoe full of gravel after getting back from lunch a few minutes ago as proof.

  • Pretty sure all the fenders on hand are prototypes and production hasn't been completed yet. They have not officially announced ship dates for the fender which I support so they can take the time needed to get them made right. I say put them for sale after they are made and are ready to ship same or next day. They don't need support inundated on when our fender orders will ship and those of us already initiated into the onewheel owners club don't need to play the waiting game again.

  • @Franky early September is when they will be released. The deign has to be done. I'm sure it's all about supply logistics at this point (i.e. Getting manufacturing all set in China)

  • I'm hoping I get a surprise too!

  • @sidebox, I would hold your horses a bit. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. Production especially of a new product many times can have delays.

    And if they are made overseas like you are saying there could easily be delays. Even if production goes as planned there could be transit issues with trains, boats, and customs.

    I will order mine as soon as it's available but 99.5% of my rides would not be enhanced by the fender. And actually I think the board without fender has a higher cool factor. So I can definitely wait until it's ready.

  • @Julian Just wanted to drop one last thank you. I was able to stretch it out tonight and with my new range I'll be able to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge every night now. Great work!

    odom.jpg meter.jpg

  • Love that last 1%! Tonight I probably did 3/4 of a mile on it.

  • @Franky haha, I've never been below the mid teens before because my battery issue. I have a big hill to contend with on the last 700 yards of my ride home. I was literally saying "come on come on come on come on come on come on". It was a great feeling to whip out my phone and see that 1.

  • That's awesome, glad we could take care of it @sidebox.

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