Printable Q&A Leave-Behind!

  • I find myself having to field the same set of questions by curious onlookers whenever I ride my Onewheel as I'm sure everyone else here does, so I created a printable PDF with the most popular questions and their answers (at least the way I usually answer them). That way I can have a few in my back pocket to give to people who seem overly curious and I don't have time to talk. I figured I'd post them on here for anyone else who wants to make use of them.

    Here's a printable PDF with four leave-behind sheets in 3x5 format:

    And here's what it looks like:


  • Can we get a version with #11: Yes? I let people try it out whenever they don't seem too drunk and I'm not in a hurry to get somewhere.

  • @akraut Here is a version for those who allow strangers to ride their Onewheel:

  • Ha! Sweet, thanks!

  • Greg this is amazing! Can you make one for me with the following answers please. @thegreck

    1. Its a Nuclear-Osorlator.
    2. Not really.
    3. You make it go by programing it before hand in a cell phone navigation app.
    4. You jump off run next to it and grab it to slow it down.
    5. The app turns for you.
    6. Nuclear powered in the wheel. Safe nuclear power though not like a power plant or something.
    7. It explodes on command but only if you want it to.
    8. You charge every 20 years. Just mail it in and they mail it back fully charged.
    9. Its easy to ride if you have done parkour. If not it takes a year of training a few hours a day.
    10. Its not dangerous unless the nuclear fuel in the tire gets punctured.
    11. You can try it but someone died just recently so I need you to sign this release thing.
    12. It goes up to 50 miles per hour.
    13. The power in the board will last longer than you will live probably.
    14. No. Elon Musk made it.
    15. I'm friends with Elon.
    16. Ask Elon. He gave me a sweet deal but I don't know what he would sell one to you for.

  • You know the next add on fm needs is a card carrier for the OW. They send business cards, but, they should have put a little slot to hold a few cards on the board... You can whip em out or better yet, click your heal and have them drop behind you as you whizz past!!!

  • @MichaelW These are hilarious! I read them to my wife and we were cracking up.

    I had totally thought about doing a second, sarcastic version too! I think I still might. When I get a chance, I'll do one with your answers for you.

  • Yes yes yes!!! Lol

  • You are nuts dude!! @MichaelW

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