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    I maybe wrong that thegreeck is from the staff of FM

    You're wrong ! But @thegreck always give good advice with a lot of positivism so I understand why he's upset about negatives feedback...This product is a blast and it works like a charm! I learned to use it alone and have no issue with anything: shoes, pushback, riding mode, how to use the batterie&the board,nosedive....nobody to give me advice....It just requieres a little bit of thinking...of course it's not a "zero defect" board but with a lot of practise and experience it's the perfect toy we've all been waiting for!!
    Best regard from France!

  • I'd like to think if I worked for Future Motion, they would've featured at least ONE of the 12 Onewheel videos I've made over the past 4+ months on their YouTube channel.

  • @thegreck said in unexpected wipe out:

    I'd like to think if I worked for Future Motion, they would've featured at least ONE of the 12 Onewheel videos I've made over the past 4+ months on their YouTube channel.

    Hey@thegreck can I get a free board? Jk

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  • Hi thegreck. If you aren't part of the equip I think you deserve a couple of machines for free. I went to the specialist yesterday my luxation AC is not grade 2 but 3 or higher I will be operated thursday next week. If the problem are the shoes I think FM have to study a new pressure foot pad little bit more generous. Can you imagine yourself how you feel after being riding like in heaven for half an hour and suddenly without the smallest advise just at 100m from home, having done nothing different, suddenly the machine lets you down and you finish crashing your shoulder in the tarmac, plus head, hands, knees and elbow. It is very nice too. I wish it to nobody. FM will do whatever they like. Although I have no doubt they studying this matters very carefully and will improve such a great invention as fast as they can. But I have my conscience in peace. I explain what happened to me in order to prevent FM and riders abt it. If I would have done something so strange and aggressive I could understand but I didn't. I was riding fast but quietly. I ride at the mountains with the motorbike and at the road as well. Am skiing since 40 years ago. We have at least 4 skateboards at the garage (my first skateboard my father did bring it to me from New York when I was abt 9 years old), four BTT and one freestyle. We wake-board in summer at the sea. When something fails I know exactly what it happened. A stone on the road, too much gas, incorrect position on the board.... with the one week is different. Suddenly doing nothing different OW act different. Or this is how you feel. You will say to me now that this is very strange if OW suddenly act different it means the order one did give to it had to be different as well and you will probably be right but if the rider is unable to understand what happened and what he did wrong for example, he's going to lose confidence and this no good. Pressure foot pad for example. I think there are 2000 ways to do it more generous. Not only responding to skate shoes (I read one had problems with vans as well) but to smallest pressure from any kind of shoe and the pressure blue area on the foot pad that activates the OW could be bigger as well. I don't know but surely they will find hundreds of solutions for such a simple thing. Abt the push back advise this time didn't happen. So I want to believe the problem was at the pressure food pad am not going to say if because me or because the pressure foot pad it self. I any case we have heard abt too many inexplicable nose dives at least inexplicable for the rider and this is not acceptable this has to be deeply revised in order in the future when a nose dive happens rider may say am an idiot and not like now that don't know what it happened and lose confidence in the machine. And as am sure my OW is not different than the others, while no changes on the construction will be applied sooner than later everybody that has read this will say to himself, damn! Maybe that one wasn't so wrong something inexplicable happened here to me as well.
    To finish just to say that despite the crash and the operation and the fact it is my second week at home the other day I did look in Internet for a pair of Nike skateboard shoes, call me masochist if you want, but feel like I need to ride onewheel again. It is so fantastic when it works.... I congratulate the creators for such a great invention. It is awesome and I highly recommended it but as every thing in life it needs constant improvement. Am sure the banal answers we receive from FM respond only to the fear they may have abt the possibility someone decides to litigate. Maybe they can't do it different. Maybe at their place I would do the same. I hope anyway from the silence they hear what we say and they study the way they can make the machine more and more safe by itself but also preventing rider's small mistakes. Safe ride! God save OneWheel!! But also my neck, of course!!! Lol

  • @to-moto You've got a nosedive trauma dude and I understand why you're so afraid about that.
    You seems to be an experienced rider so you're right to be optimist and ride again your OW.
    Personnaly I nosedived a lot during the first weeks (without big injuries so i should be lucky).sometimes I Know if it was my mistake sometimes not(fucking machine)...But I promise you after a few month riding, the nosediving completly gone(always keep in my mind it could happen again...).
    I suggest you to wear shoes with fine soles and ride very slowly the first weeks...
    And for sure FM will work on this defect wich is not really safe (you can email them and tell your story).
    Hope you'll get well soon.
    Keep us in the loop!

  • Thanks mate. Falls happens in life since we are born. We basically learn falling. :-)
    The problem is when you start to be little bit old you still learn from falls but also get more and more limited so one has to be realistic and start putting limits to himself in certain things. I will follow your advise and onewheel slow for a while also wear appropriate shoes and follow the advises of better riders than I, like for example the trick of always keeping the head in line with the wheel, when I want onewheelling faster again it is as simple as wearing my hot body armour vest. It isn't as comfortable as riding with a t-shirt and short pants but for having some safe fun a little while at my age it is the most intelligent. Good weekend to The Onewheelers. Safe ride!

  • I'm too old to be wiping out myself, but I can't resist riding the OW at it's limit. I'll have to try out some Vans. Yesterday I reagitated a wrist injury from a fall two weeks ago when the OW dumped me going straight at 10 mph and once again couldn't run it out. Hopefully its the running shoes but still questionable that it suddenly stopped without low battery pushback. My OW went on for 1/2 mile afterwards before the typical low batt pushback. I've also experienced a long period of travels while app says 1% battery. Strange.

  • Hi mate. Sorry abt your fall. First I recommend you always charge your battery after a ride so when you ride again later it is full.
    As far as the shoes it is not easy to give a good advise. I read at the forum a rider had a nose dive wearing Vans so I don't recommend you it. I ordered a pair of Nike Stefan Janosky. Actually they look very similar than the vans... I don't know. I will try those. Once am recovered and riding I tell you what abt the Janosky. It is a pity riders have to be so worried abt the shoes they wear. This means CHANGES ON THE PRESSURE FOOT PAD ARE COMPULSORY supposing the problem is not coming from another area of the OW but something has to be done. Nose dives without push back advise should never happen when riding without doing stupid things. There is a rider that had a great idea in my opinion. He said it could be cool if push back happened till total stop if for any reason rider moves the foot out of the blue area of the pressure foot pad while riding instead the actual disconnection of the OW and consequent smack. Wish FM have seen this and think abt it. In the meantime put your 5 senses while riding and at least few protections may reduce the injuries if every you finish falling despite of everything. Tarmac no forgive! Take care. Safe ride!

  • Actually just thinking that push back till total stop when foot lose contact with the blue area of the pressure foot pad is not a solution. It could even be more dangerous. When you jump for example you lose contact for few instants between your feet and the board. If then push back happened and not new connection occurred once feet land again on the board the smack would be phenomenal. I have to recognise that FM did think abt "everything" before they did decide to put the OW for sale. Despite of everything this sudden disconnection while riding and consequent nose dive and smack should be studied. There are too many cases. Maybe it is a riders mistake but the feeling we have after falling it is that the system of the OW collapsed. Maybe if ever a person from FM have the same experience they understand the riders complain and they can tell us what's wrong with our riding style if this is the case, or can fix this problem out if it is a problem of the OW construction. In the meantime apart from the shoes ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HEAD IN LINE WITH THE WHEEL WHILE RIDING and drive using your hip and keeping your knees sensibly bend. ‎Happy weekend.

  • Well, Onewheel is the same concept as Unicycle except Unicycle has no sensors since you mount side to side rather than front to back.
    Assuming Onewheel has no sensors and work like Unicycle, I bet there'll still be nose dives due to rider's error.

    I'm not saying there's never ever been sensor error but I think it's minimal.

    Shoes play a minor factor and ultimately is a personal choice.
    I messed around trying different ones and settle on something like these.



  • I have sketchers with flex soles and memory foam that have extremely flat botbottoms that I just love for riding. I haven't had a problem since the wipeout that prompted me to start this thread. My riding style changed though and I am now always aware of my foot position and semi-ready for a nosedive that never comes. (And now I wear a helmet).

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